Fair Trade Urban Explorer Sling Bag

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I was provided this Fair Trade Urban Explorer Bag for review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Sling bags are one of the most flexible type of handbags that I’ve tried.  A sling bag is a type of handbag that is worn over one shoulder with a strap that lays around the chest so that the bag rests on your lower back. It is similar to a messenger bag but is generally smaller.  Sling bags usually have one large center compartment as well as smaller compartment on the front of the bag.

Unlike many handbags, the large center compartment isn’t divided.  That’s what makes a sling bag such a versatile bag.  I can use it as a traditional handbag or to hold my iPad depending on what I need.  My daughter can use it as a mini messenger bag if she heads off to the library with a text book and notebook.  If I had little children, I could toss a few diapers and a package of baby wipes in the bag as I headed to the park.

fair trade urban sling bags

Fair Trade Urban Explorer Sling Bag

I received a gorgeous fair trade urban explorer sling bag from Our Family World Bags. I really love that each bag is completely unique because it is made from recycled fabric scraps. No two bags will be the same.  I love unique fashions.  I have no desire to see a friend with the same bag or shirt that I have. Here are the details of this adorable bag:

  • Three overlapping pockets on outside with loop case using hand-made African beads.
  • Durable plastic zip top.
  • Handle drop 20″.
  • 100% cotton
  • Dimensions: 10.5″H x 12″W x 1.5″ D

I am absolutely in love with this bag.  The colors are bright and vibrant and will easily go with a number of different outfits.  The African beads are a beautiful touch and they add both style and visual interest to the front of the bag.  Functionally, the beads help hold the contents of the pockets inside.

fair trade sling bags

sling bags fair trade

I’m so glad that this sling bag is fair trade. The Fair Trade Urban Explorer is part of the Global Mamas collection. Your purchase helps women in undeveloped nations provide a better life for their families! They also donate $2 from the purchase of each and every bag that they sell to foundations that help children and families in need.

Our Family World Bags is a sponsor for the Fashionista Events Giveaway beginning on October 3rd.   You will have a chance to win a gorgeous Fair Trade Urban Explorer Sling Bag in this giveaway starting on October 3rd.



  1. That is adorable and looks sturdy – going to check the site out!!

  2. Really cute and I bet it comes in handy!  Love that it’s Fair Trade!

  3. Love how colorful this is.  Ashley would love something like this, and would really appreciate the Fair Trade aspect.

  4. I like the bold colors! Very nice!

  5. Love that it’s Fair Trade! Nice bag and review

  6. Kerri (TheMaven) says

    This bag is so pretty Ellen! I’m sure it will get a lot of love from you!

  7. i love that it is so colorful.

  8. You have really written a great post to showcase the bag and give us very informative facts (meas., etc.). I like the bags a lot and I LOVE the integrity of the company! Thanks for sharing!

  9. The colors are amazing! Perfect for our NE Autumn season

  10. I love the idea behind this. It always feels good to get a useful product that gives back. Love it!

  11. Rebecca Xavier says

    I love that no two bags are exactly the same.

  12. I had ot thought of using a slingbag for an iPad or Kindle. It’s a great idea

  13. Diana Stanhope says

    That bag is a  beautiful piece. I love how eye catching it is. 

  14. Karen Glatt says

    This is a very colorful and amazing bag to take out and about on town. I think it has a nice interior where I can put a lot of my items.

  15. BlackAsphodel says

    I like that it’s %100 cotton.

  16. These bags are so cute. I like that helps women from under developing stations.

  17. Carolann Leibenguth says

    I love that a purchase here gives back to women in underdeveloped nations provide for their children.

  18. Sylvia Zajis says

    I think it’s great that this company helps support children in need while offering a quality product.

  19. Jasanna Czellar says

    I haven’t tried this type of bag, but it looks very comfortable!

  20. Cindi Decker says

    A very bright, pretty bag I like it!

  21. Starr Greenwell says

    Great bags and even better philosophy. Good deal.

  22. That is a cute bag, I love that not only are they fair trade but they also donate to children’s charities with each purchase.

  23. I love the uniqueness of their bags. I also like how it has cascading pockets. That makes it easy to remember where you put things. I admire the practices and philanthropy of Our Family World Bags. They set a good example, and other companies should take note!

  24. I really love the colors of the bag you received! Vibrant is definitely an understatement 🙂
    Although I’m not exactly sure I’d be a sling bag kind of girl; I need a BIG purse. LOL

  25. Gail Williamsg says

    This is an extraordinary looking bag. I am a seamstress and it would take quite a bit of time to piece these beautiful cotton fabrics together and add the African beads, etc. What a nice value and lightweight bag for special uses!

  26. Mippy/Sabrina says

    I love the brightness and boldness of this bag and the African bead details 🙂

  27. I adore the bright colors and the buttons are a perfect accent. It’s just fun!

  28. laurie nykaza says

    I love all the beautiful bright colors . I like the casual style of their bags too

  29. john hutchens says

    really cute my daughter would love it

  30. This bag is so cute, and I love that they donate part of their proceeds to help children.

  31. Gorgeous! The only thing I like more than those bright colors is the fact that it’s fair trade.

  32. Really cute, love the colors and the fact that no two are alike. 

  33. I like the bag- it is both colorful and stylish! It puts a smile on your face!

  34. Kymberly Pray says

    I tend to gravitate toward all things bohemian, so this is something very much my style.
    I really enjoy the batik look and the mix of different prints.
    The button closures are too cute, and I like the longer strap that allows for it to be worn body-diagonal (is that even a phrase? well, it is now).

  35. Shawna Elkins says

    Loving the bright colors of the bag & I love the ones that go across your body.

  36. Dorothy Teel says

    I enjoyed your review of this bag from Fair Trade Urban Mama, it opened my eyes to a new company Our Family World Bags and their goals and the bag you reviewed is beautiful with all the colors and unique touches to it like the hand made African beads. It is very pretty and I like that they donate money for each bag sold.

  37. I love the colors, that it’s eco-friendly, and versatile. I can see myself using this for errands where I have to wait. I would just throw in my iPad, reading material, and purse and I’m good to go.

  38. Love the cheerful looking design

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  39. I like the fun, bright print too

  40. I love the bright colors, and the fact that these bags go towards women who are earning fair wages to help support their families.

  41. I love that every bag helps developing families. I think it is important that where we decide to purchase items goes back to communities and the people. 

  42. A great picture of the bag against a body to give a good size visual! Your close-ups are awesome and this bag is beautiful and looks well-made.

  43. sally guenterberg says

    I was hooked when I learned no two bags are alike

  44. Kristina L. says

    I really love these bags! I love that they are not just a product that they mean something too!

  45. natalie parvis says

    This bag is so colorful! I love it!

  46. Cute bag! I love that its made out of recycled material and that no two bags are the same.

  47. I really like the colorful design of this bag. It looks fun to wear!

  48. Linda Bradshaw says

    Great colors.  I would love this for my daughter.

  49. I absolutely love that bag! The colors are so vibrant and beautiful and the size is just right. My mother-in-law has a jacket that is sort of similar that she got in New Mexico, I know she would love something like this for her wardrobe too! The fact that it is a Fair Trade product seals the deal for me, it’s awesome! 

  50. This is a really cute bag! I like how “laid back” it looks. 

  51. amanda whitley says

    i love how colorful this bag is. its a very casual bag.. i could see myself using this.

  52. So how is a sling bag different from a cross body bag? I think I’ve been using mine wrong.

  53. Brandi Price says

    So cute and goes to such a great cause!

  54. I love sling bags because I don’t need to use my hands to carry them so I can multitask. And I like that this company donates to underprivileged people.


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