Stylish Athletic Shoes for Women

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I love athletic shoes … actually I love all shoes but athletic shoes are generally the most practical shoes for my lifestyle and my health.  I do a lot of running around. If I am not taking care of things at home, I am driving the kids around or running errands for the family.  As much as I admire those women who grocery shop in three inch heels, it’s just not happening for me.  I still have an image of the typical 50s housewife wearing a dress and high heels as she mops and vacuums the house.  While I love the comfort that I have when I wear athletic shoes, finding stylish athletic shoes for women is another thing entirely and often leaves me frustrated.

stylish athletic shoes for women

Stylish Athletic Shoes for Women

Most athletic shoes look exactly like what they are.  They are intended for aerobics, jogging and heading to the gym. Lately, many of the athletic shoes I see in the store are neon blue and pink with yellow soles.  While I love the bright colors and eye catching patterns to help motivate me while I’m sweating to the oldies, it’s not really a look I want when I head out for lunch with my friends or to a meeting at school. Thankfully, Dansko has stylish athletic shoes for women that will give me the support and comfort I want without sacrificing style or making it look like I belong in the gym.

The Dansko Elise is an athletic shoe that has a neoprene collar to keep your foot snug without constricting movement. It is a lightweight, flexible shoe that offers the same support and comfort that I have come to expect from Dansko. It has a slip resistant outer sole that makes it perfect for those that work in a hospital setting but it looks so stylish you can easily wear it just about anywhere.  It looks good with my yoga pants if I do decide to head to the gym or my jeans when I am out running errands. The soft suede makes these perfect for dressier occasions where you need comfort but don’t want to sacrifice style.

stylish athletic shoes for women


stylish athletic shoes for women

stylish athletic shoes for women

I love that Dansko’s Sedona outsole carries the Seal of Acceptance from the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association). With my foot problems, it is important to me to know that the shoe I’m wearing isn’t going to make my problems any worse. I can easily wear the Dansko Elise all day and not have any heel pain at all.

The Dansko Elise is available in a variety of different colors including black, white, brown, grey, mocha, navy, red and slate.  Different accent colors are available as well.

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  1. These are really nice Athletic shoes and I like the color. They look so comfortable. I am excited that there will be a giveaway for a pair of shoes. 

  2. I like these shoes a lot. When it comes to tennis shoes. I like simplicity… but I like the girlish colors of purple and black together too.. They look comfortable too.

  3. Although I only wear athletic shoes to workout, these look like they can handle the foot problems I hve as I age

  4. I like the colors…no worries about matching thanks to the black, but still a bit fun. These look like a good mix of comfy and stylish.

  5. These are such amazing shoes and I like the color and they look so comfortable and I can wear them with so many of my jeans.

  6. I like that they offer so many different colors that are easy to incorporate into an everyday outfit.

  7. I really love the style of these sneakers. Why is it so difficult to find an athletic shoe that doesn’t glare at you with gaudiness? I’m not sure, but these shoes seem to have the solution. They look very airy, light, and comfortable too.

  8. I’m absolutely in LOVE with those shoes! Not only are they my favorite color (purple), but they look so super comfortable. I definitely agree that, while I admire those woman who can wear heels and wedges anywhere from grocery shopping to parties, that’s SO not me. I’m more of a comfort and practical kinda girl ^.^

  9. Everything about these shoes screams comfort! i have diabetic feet and need great shoes and these look like a great solution.

  10. I love purple and black these are cute stylish  athletic shoes I would live in these they look so comfortable. 

  11. I like that these shoes look so comfortable and I love these from Dansho for my tired feet – Eartha Navy Suede
    Sedona Collection (#4404751000) and that it has slip resistant soles.

  12. I often wear athletic shoes when I’m out on longer shopping excursions. Unfortunately, my Puma’s are not appropriate for dressier outings. These seem versatile,comfortable, and stylish  enough to serve both purposes.

  13. these look so comfy, and I love the color combination.  I used to think Dansko only made clogs, I will have to check them out now that I know that they have more than just clogs!  (because I love their clogs already!)

  14. These look very cute- less like athletic shoes and more like regular shoes. These would be great for long walks or shopping!

  15. They sure look comfy and I like the purple accents….I’m not a fan of shoelaces, however….was pleased to look at the sponsor’s site and see that this “family” of shoes is also available in slip-on forms. Thanks for the great information!

  16. I could definitely see myself wearing these shoes out and about. And they look like they give a lot of support

  17. these look so comfy and i love the colors. i love black shoes because they dont get dirty looking as easily as others.

  18. I love these athletic shoes especially in the black because most athletic shoes are white or light colored.  These definitely would be more versatile.

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