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This Eclos Apple Stem Cell Beauty review has been made possible by products provided by Klout. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

I admit, I sort of have a thing for new beauty products.  As I get older, I start to be more concerned about the appearance of my skin.  I see a few more wrinkles, a bit more rosacea, my pores are just a bit larger, and my skin loses some of its glow.   I need a product that has anti-aging properties but is gentle on my skin.  It needs to remove make up and oils without leaving my skin dry or irritated.

Eclos Apple Stem Cell Beauty #sponsored

Eclos Apple Stem Cell Beauty

Eclos is a skin care brand that contains Apple Stem Cell Technology that is extracted from a rare Swiss Apple.  They are clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin texture in two weeks. The Eclos line carries a variety of products that will cleanse, prime, scrub, and regenerate your skin.  I received:

The Skin Prep Cleanser is a foaming gel cleanser that works well to remove make up and debris without over drying your skin. It has a pH-balanced formula that contains chamomile and cucumber that helps to soothe your skin. It is gentle enough to use twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening. I absolutely love that this comes in a pump so it’s easy to use with one hand.

Eclos Apple Stem Cell Beauty #sponsored

The Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream is a medium weight  moisturizer that helps hydrate your skin after cleanser. I’m always a bit concerned about moisturizers because I don’t like anything heavy on my face.  The  Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream is very light and soothing.  It went on easily and was quickly absorbed into my skin with no tacky or heavy feeling at all.  It has a very fresh, clean scent that I really enjoyed.

The Daily HydraPrimer SPF 30 Broad Spectrum evens your skin ton and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.   This primer is very light weight.  It isn’t something that I found helped to even out my skin tone on its own. It did work well as a primer underneath my liquid foundation. Maybe it would work better for someone with less skin damage than my rosacea has caused.

I’m not sure that I’ve seen an improvement in the fine lines in my face but I have noticed that the Eclos products have definitely left my skin feeling softer and less irritated than before.  If you’re looking for skin care products that are soothing and affordable, I recommend you try Eclos.

This Eclos Apple Stem Cell Beauty review has been made possible by products provided by Klout. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

13 thoughts on “Eclos Apple Stem Cell Beauty”

  1. I LOVE eclos beauty!! I thought I had the entire product line, but I”m mistaken! I don’t have that primer! I need it! It seriously made a huge difference in my puffy undereyes, and wrinkles around my eyes. LOVE it! 

  2. I’ve tried a few products with Apple Stem Cell technology and they really did help firm and invigorate my skin. I didn’t know eclos had their own serums and creams with Apple Cell, I will have to check it out.

  3. I got those three from Klout as well, though I kind of wish I got the scrub instead of the moisture therapy. The cleanser is good, leaves my face feeling clean and not dry or oily after using it. The other two I’m not so sure…the moisture therapy seems to heavy for my skin, it feels like it goes on light but then later in the day my face feel greasier than normal when I use it, even worse if I use it and the primer together. The primer is just kind of ehh to me. It doesn’t seem to even out or hide anything. My face looks exactly the same when I put it on, however it does feel moisturized and not as dry as using some other similar products. I see no difference in my skin itself though, other than a few extra break outs which I think were from using the moisturizer and primer together. 

    • I didn’t get that from the moisture therapy at all but my face is fairly dry. I would love to try that scrub some day too!

  4. I have been ignoring my skin routine this summer but now that cool weather is moving in I need to start giving it more thought again. These look like good products, thanks for letting me know about them!

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