Glasses as a Fashion Statement

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This post on glasses as a fashion statement has been sponsored by ICU Eyewear.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.

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When I was in school, glasses were anything but a fashion statement.  I can remember refusing to wear my glasses to school and then squinting all day at the blackboard.  Today, glasses are seen in an entirely different way.  People who don’t need to wear glasses to see properly are opting to wear them for style reasons. Now you see people everywhere who wear glasses as a fashion statement.  Have you heard of ICU eyewear?

glasses as a fashion statement
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Glasses as a Fashion Statement

ICU Eyewear wants to empower people to wear their glasses. They know that style and fashion are an important part of what people are looking for, along with quality, when they buy reading glasses. They want people to feel good when they’re wearing their glasses. They offer both reading glasses and sunglasses and both are super stylish. Not only are they stylish, they are also affordable.

I love that they are affordable enough to purchase several pairs!  Why not style your glasses to match your outfits? Off to work? Dress up that basic suit with some fun pink glasses.  How about orange glasses for Halloween? There are tons of different ways to use glasses as a fashion statement and when the glasses are less than $30 each, that is definitely possible.

Glasses as a fashion statement
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This post on glasses as a fashion statement has been sponsored by ICU Eyewear.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.

11 thoughts on “Glasses as a Fashion Statement”

  1. Our 10 year old has started buying fashion glasses at Claire’s, you should have seen her enthusiasm when she discovered they made glasses just for fashion. (She used to pop the lenses out of old readers). I’ve been wearing them all my life, so I don’t see the thrill, but they’ve definitely become a part of my style! BTW, I just went and voted, and won a pair of female rainbow/ tie dye readers!

  2. I’ve worn glasses since I was 6 years old. Short stint in contacts. Now I need prisms for double vision. I love all of the pretty frames….always wished one day I could wear them 🙁

  3. My daughter’s glasses are a complete fashion statement. She’s not into fashion, but they are a way she expresses who she is. She calls them her “geek glasses”. I love the pretty burgundy glasses with the sparkles.

  4. As someone who has to wear glasses in order to see..I sort of giggle at those who don’t need to wear glasses, but get them just for fashion. But then I see how darn stinking cute they are on them. I wish I could change up my glasses to match with my outfit each day. Dang…stupid prescriptions! lol 

  5. i love the glassses in the first set of photos! I personally have prescription for glasses but dont wear them because i dont feel like i look good in glasses. I am not someone who can pull them off for fashion like others can 

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