Comfortable High Heels

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Finding comfortable high heels can be a challenge.  When I was in high school, I had no problem wearing whatever shoe I wanted to.  Flip flops or 4″ heels, neither was a problem.  When I was pregnant with my daughter, I managed to hurt my back pretty badly. Because I was pregnant,  I couldn’t take anything for the pain and swelling and it left me with back problems even after she was born. That began my struggle to find comfortable high heels.

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Comfortable High Heels

Not wearing comfortable high heels can result in two things for me – foot pain and back pain. To help the back pain, I limit the amount of time I wear high heels and I am careful about how high the heel is when I purchase a new pair of shoes.

For me, comfortable high heels aren’t those that are 4″ high as much as I might like the way they look. Foot pain is a little easier to deal with for me.  Our feet are not designed to spend a lot of time at the angle high heel shoes place our feet.  Here are a few tips for having comfortable high heels:

Buy the right size

I almost always wear a size 8 1/2. However, there are a few brands that I wear an 8 or a 9 in. Don’t assume those shoes are going to fit you. Always try them on. If you are pregnant or have gained or lost weight, consider having your foot sized at a shoe store to be certain your shoe size hasn’t changed.

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Avoid pointy toes

Round toed shoes will be much more comfortable than those that come to a sharp point in front.  Pointy toe shoes can cause bunions because they scrunch your toes together unnaturally.

Shorter heels

I know that 3″ and 4″ heels can look super sexy; but, it is better to stick with a 1″ or 2″ heel instead.  Very high heels put a lot of pressure on the ball of your foot. This can lead to foot problems in the future. If you absolutely must wear a very high heel, don’t wear it any longer than you have to.

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Variety of shoes

If you have to dress up each day for work or simply love wearing heels every day, alternate occasionally with flats.  High heels are the perfect match for a dress or skirt.  If you are wearing pants, try opting for flats instead.

Add cushions

Many high heel shoes don’t have the necessary cushioning and support that other shoes have.  Thankfully, it’s possible to add cushioning to your high heel shoes.  This will help to shift the pressure off the ball of your foot to avoid foot pain.

Dr. Scholl’s For Her has High heel insoles that help prevent high heel pain. They will definitely help make your high heels more comfortable.

Comfortable high heels

Do you have comfortable high heels?

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  1. I tend more towards flip flops than high heels but will certainly keep these in mind for my next dressy occasion!

  2. Cushions have been recommended to me when my shoes are a little bit too big but are comfortable.
    I have a pair of 3 inch high heels which are unbelievably comfortable. They don’t like it but they are.


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