Casual Winter Fashion Tips For the Holidays

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These casual winter fashion tips will let you enjoy your look good and feel good during the holidays. I love being able to dress up a bit for the holidays but I am not sacrificing comfort. I am always on the move during the holidays running errands and making sure that everything is taken care of. I need my outfit to be stylish and comfortable and to have the ability to be dressed up or down depending on what I’m doing.

I’m following these casual winter fashion tips this year so I can look my best even on my busiest day.

Casual winter fashion tips

Casual Winter Fashion Tips

In Vermont, our winters get quite cold so one of the most important things I think about when shopping for winter fashion is how warm an item is. I won’t be wearing anything lightweight, off the shoulder or otherwise intended for warmer weather. If you’re enjoying winter in a warmer climate, you may be making different choices than I am.

  • Layer it. Cold air seems to blow right through you some days. Creating layers with leggings under a dress or a camisole and shirt under a sweater will help you stay warm.
  • Add a scarf. If you short or dress has a low neckline, adding a scarf is a great way to add warmth and style to your outfit.
  • Slip on a sweater. Add a sweater to your outfit whether it’s a dress, skirt, trousers or jeans. Be certain it fits well and is nice and bright. You don’t want to look dull during the holidays.
  • Choose clothes that fit well. Loose clothes will allow the cold air to penetrate more easily. Choose clothes that are fitted to stay warmer. Fitted does not mean so tight you cannot breathe. The goal is style and comfort.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Unless you truly enjoy walking on 3-inch heels, choose flats or boots instead. Plus, it can be challenging to walk on ice and snow in heels.
  • Remember the accessories. You may be bundled up in a parka and snow boots, but you can still show off that gorgeous ring or dangling earrings.

Casual winter fashion tips

I’ll be wearing this winter sweater from Monroe and Main during the holiday season as I go shopping, wrap presents and visit my parents. It’s different enough from my more casual jeans and a sweatshirt without being so dressy that I’m uncomfortable. Monroe and Main offers clothing that fits various body types in size 6-24 or S-3X. I chose the Aztec Stripe Sweater and it was perfect with bootcut jeans, a black long-sleeve shirt and grey clogs. I love that the sweater is both warm and stylish.

25 bloggers offer tips and ideas for what to wear and how to look your best for all holiday occasions. Plus, 25 chances to WIN a stylish new handbag! Grand prize giveaway for a $250 Monroe and Main Shopping Spree! #MMHolidayFashion

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Casual winter fashion tips

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  1. I’d be interested in getting the Effortless Glam Dress because it looks like an attractive, yet conservative dress for work.

  2. I love the Beyond Bling Top in cobalt! It is the perfect color and I love the beaded shoulders and surplice neckline.

  3. The Sequin Shark-Skin Sweater because I’d like to be able to keep using the phrase “Shark-Skin Sweater.”

  4. tammy shelton says

    I’d like to win the Zahra Beaded Animal-print Top because it’s so me.

  5. rochelle haynes says

    I would like to win this outfit Golden Girl
    it is so pretty and i love the color

  6. vickie couturier says
  7. natasha lamoreux says

    I would like to win the sequined shark bite sweater.

  8. I like the Golden Girl top.  It is stylish.

  9. Andrea Troutman says

    I would like the Riesa dress because it would be perfect to wear to a wedding.

  10.  I think the Nicoletta Satin and Chiffon Layer Gown is absolutely gorgeous and would be perfect for a Christmas party. 

  11. I really like the Stained Glass Beaded Top. It is beautiful color and I can easily see myself wearing it. 

  12. I like the Spellbound blouse – it has a romantic type of style that I like to wear

  13. Charles-Linda Bradshaw says

    I would love to have the Floral Sequin Top.  It is pretty and I do not have one that color yet.  

  14. I love the Floral Sequin Top because it’s festive and pretty!

  15. I like the Sequin Shark-Bite Sweater. I love the styling, color options and cut. I can see dressing it up or down for any occasion.

  16. I’d like to win the Chevron Sparks Headband and Scarf because I don’t have a scarf and hat set that matches my winter coat. 

  17. I’d love to have the Floral Sequin Top, it is such a pretty color and design.

  18. I could wear the Midnight Velvet Multistone Wedge all year long. In the winter, they’d be perfect for events when we’re indoors, and I’d wear them daily in the summer.  They’re beautiful! 

  19. Andrea Williams says

    I would like to get the Beyond Bling top in Cobalt so that it could be dressed up and down.

  20. jeanette sheets says
  21. Jessica Miller says

    My Fair Aisle Friend Sweater for christmas its cute

  22. wearing solid colors looks good for pictures

  23. I’d like the Sammie Beaded Top. I like the color and the design of the open shoulders. It’d be nice to wear when going out. Thanks.

  24. I’d like to get the taupe ruana, I already have the gray. 

  25. I like the Golden Girl top, so pretty.

  26. Cathy Bradford says

    Love the Effortless Glam Dress you are all set, with a nice pair of heels!

  27. I like this dress, Effortless Glam Dress because it is perfect for winter parties. 

  28. Alison Gibb says

    I would love to win the Beaded Georgette Pant Set! This would be great for a holiday party and you can eat alot!! LOL!! I love the color of this pant set and it looks very comfortable!!

  29. I really love the Midnight Velvet boots! I love all boots, I have tons! 🙂

  30. Oh boy, look at that Effortless Glam Dress!!  #newyears

  31. Seyma Shabbir says

    I am a shoes girl so I would love the Midnight Velvet Back Rhinestone Boot!!! They are so sexy and I love the style!

  32. heather eg kaufman says

    I really like the Nicoletta Satin and Chiffon Layer Gown. It looks very flattering & it is so pretty & flowy.

  33. We color coordinated on a Family Cruise last summer and used it for our Christmas Cards!

  34. I like the stained glass beaded top, I think its really pretty.

  35. Always shoot (get it?) for neutral colors in solids

  36. Darlene Sullins says

    I love the Nicoletta Satin and Chiffon Layer Gown because it is so elegant and beautiful! 

  37. I like the Effortless Glam Dress. Simple but pretty.

  38. I love the Glorious Knit Jacket. It’s cute and I love the cut of this jacket. 

  39. I like the Golden Girl top

  40. April Crisafulli says

    I really like the Sparkle Knit Ruana because it looks so cozy and warm, and of course stylish too!

  41. I really like the cardigan you have on but I also like the beaded baby doll tank top in black!

  42. Beyond Bling Top is one that caught my eye. 

  43. Shakeia Rieux says

    I like the Jewel-Trim Animal Sweater because it’s gorgeous and i like how the crystals and sequins add sparkle to the neckline

  44. I would like to win the ‘Midnight Bloom’ Floral Dress because it would look pretty on my pretty friend =)

  45. Kitty Iecvan says

    I would like the Golden Disc Sweater because it looks very festive for the holidays!

  46. I like the Riesa Dress. It’s lovely!

  47. Sarah Oswald says

    I would love to win the Beaded Georgette Pant Set because i love the way it looks and the beautiful color.

  48. Richard McHugh says

    Winning is good.My better half would like the prize.

  49. Jennifer Rote says

    I’d like to get the Beaded Baby Doll tank. Love it and it is something I would wear year round.

  50. I am over the moon for the Golden Disc Sweater!!

  51. robyn donnelly says

    I like the boot cut control leggings because of the style and comfort.

  52. Lorina Padgett says

    The Crystal Necklace and Earring Set looks cool.  I could wear it with several outfits, yearround