Can Older Women Wear Skinny Jeans?

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Can older women wear skinny jeans? Yes, they can! As a 50-year-old woman, I’m not ready to give up my fashionable clothes quite yet. I think that if you look good in a certain style, you should be able to wear it. Now, I’m not advocating crop tops and Daisy Duke shorts as a good fashion statement for anyone. But, skinny jeans are certainly something that almost anyone can wear. 

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Can Older Women Wear Skinny Jeans? Yes They Can!

Can Older Women Wear Skinny Jeans?

One of the reasons that older women (and women in general) shy away from skinny jeans is that they tend to be more form-fitting than something like boyfriend jeans. For many women, weight gain comes with menopause and that weight tends to settle in the hips, thighs, and stomach area. If you’re concerned about weight gain, here are a few tips.

Stretchy Fabric

If you’re concerned about comfort, look for skinny jeans that have added spandex. This will allow the denim to give and still hug your curves in the right places. Baggy skinny jeans are not a good look on anyone. The skinny jeans above stretch to fit.

Higher Waist

When I was younger, low-rise jeans were a style that I loved. They were comfortable and made me feel good about how I looked. Now that I’m a bit older, low-rise jeans don’t flatter my less than flat stomach. A higher waistline will provide added support and help prevent a muffin top.

Can Older Women Wear Skinny Jeans? Yes They Can!

Dark Colors

A darker navy or black pair of skinny jeans will make you look thinner. This holds true for almost any fashion. Try to avoid heavily distressed denim jeans as they may not be flattering for those who are less than toned.

Fit Matters

While skinny jeans are meant to be form-fitting, you need to choose the correct size. Don’t be tempted to buy one that’s too small to satisfy your vanity or too large so they aren’t snug.

The Right Top

If you’re concerned about weight gain in your hips, choose the right top to go with your skinny jeans. There are a number of stylish tops that will float around your hips and disguise weight gain.

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What do you think? Can older women wear skinny jeans?

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6 thoughts on “Can Older Women Wear Skinny Jeans?”

  1. I do like the new stretchy fabric they have for jeans these days. I don’t care what they call them but I do like a form fitting jean since my legs are on the thinner side. I’m closer now to 60 than 50 but have always loved fitness so I feel women can wear what they want and don’t worry about how others judge them. My goodness there’s so many things to worry about, your clothes shouldn’t be one of them! I’m trying to be less conservative these days and skinny jeans are helping me do that, lol.

  2. I like them they just don’t look that good on me. I have a couple of pair but I look like I have bird legs lol. ON the other hand I have always liked a jean with a bit of stretch because they are so comfy!

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