The Best Makeup for Rosacea Sufferers

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What is the best makeup to hide rosacea? I’m sharing the best makeup advice for rosacea sufferers to cover red blotches, large pores, and acne scars.

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The Best Makeup Advice for Rosacea Sufferers

The Best Makeup for Rosacea Sufferers

I was in my thirties when I noticed that my complexion wasn’t improving after high school. Everyone expects acne in high school but for most people, it stops as you get older. When mine didn’t, I went to a dermatologist and learned that I had rosacea. 

I never knew the name for it before. I knew that my mom’s complexion was the same way but I thought I had inherited bad skin.

 What I had inherited was rosacea, a skin condition that generally affects middle-aged women with fair skin. Rosacea causes some of the blood vessels in your face to swell which gives you a flushed look.

It can also cause what looks like acne and large pores. It’s not really acne and you don’t get it because your skin isn’t kept clean.

What’s the best makeup to use for rosacea?

When it comes to concealer or foundation, you want to look for one with a green tint. It will help offset the red in your complexion. It won’t appear green when you blend it in.

Make sure that you choose one with SPF protection as well.

Paraben Free Foundation - Ageless Derma Pressed Mineral Foundation

Best foundation for rosacea 

Always start with clean, moisturized skin. Find cleansers and moisturizers that are made for sensitive skin because harsh products can irritate rosacea.

Avoid any products that exfoliate your skin as that may make the redness worse. I find that this one works quite well for me.

Always choose a base that contains UV protection. Rosacea sufferers tend to be sensitive to exposure to the sun and using a two in one product helps eliminate the chance of forgetting your sunscreen before you go outside.

The Best Makeup for Rosacea Sufferers

Best primer for rosacea

Begin with a primer and then follow with a mineral makeup base. It should provide a semi-matte finish with long-lasting coverage. Apply your mineral makeup with a kabuki brush.

A sponge can be too harsh for your skin and your fingertips will spread bacteria and add unnecessary oil to your skin.

Blend well and always be certain to clean your brush between uses. This primer base is made for rosacea.

Best Mineral Based Makeup and Usage Tips

Use a concealer when needed

Don’t be afraid to use a concealer when necessary. Apply the concealer over the mineral pressed base to further tone down the redness and hide any scars or acne.

You will want to use a concealer that is green which will help offset the red of your rosacea.

Light on blush

I go very, very light on my blush because my skin still tends to be slightly pink through the makeup base.  There are days that I skip blush entirely.

When I do use a blush, I apply it with a very light hand and choose a more bronze color than a pink color. That way I get a bit of color without adding to the redness.

Safe eyeshadows

Because people with rosacea tend to have very sensitive eyes, be certain to choose an eye shadow that has been developed and tested by doctors for safety.

The Best Makeup for Rosacea Sufferers

Avoid some eyeliners

Avoid gel or liquid eyeliners.  They can smear into your eyes more easily than an eye pencil and can cause irritation. Choose neutral lip shades instead of red because the red of the lipstick can accent the red of your complexion.

I hope that this makeup advice for rosacea sufferers will help you choose products that will best cover your rosacea. Check out my thoughts on the perfect cover-up for redness.

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  1. I love kabuki brushes and have several. Most of the time I don’t bother with blush either. I am thankful to my mom and dad for giving me great cheekbones so I don’t think I need to wear as much makeup. My mom only wears lipstick and uses a powder compact–a great example for me.


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