Anti-Aging Products by Cover Girl + Olay

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My daughter and I both love makeup but we rarely use the same type. At 21, her skin care needs are different than mine are at 47.  At 47, I appreciate make up products that offer anti-aging benefits when I use them. It seems like everyone has an anti-aging cream or serum that they want you to use. While I do use them, I appreciate products that offer more than one benefit because it saves me time. My mornings are hectic enough without having to add in an extra step to remember to apply a serum or spot treatment before I apply my make up. Post contains affiliate links.

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Anti-Aging Products by Cover Girl + Olay

Anti-Aging Products by Cover Girl + Olay

I received a Bzz Kit from BzzAgent with some new anti-aging products by Cover Girl + Olay. I’ve used their 2 in 1 Foundation before and I love it because it provides the benefits of Olay with the coverage of Cover Girl.  Today, I got the chance to review the Cover Girl + Olay Facelift Effect Firming Make Up and the Cover Girl + Olay The De-Puffer Eye Concealer. Here is a bit about each:

The Cover Girl + Olay Facelift Effect Firming Make Up offers exclusive Olay FaceFirm technology, infused with a concentrated vitamin complex for all-day hydration and skin renewal, plumps and lifts. After just two weeks of continued use, skin’s natural firmness is improved. This product helps cover fine lines and wrinkles for an instant face lift effect. There are four shades: light/medium, light, medium and fair. I received fair for my coloring.

Anti-Aging Products by Cover Girl + Olay

My thoughts: I’ve used a lot of different foundations and I don’t often go for the drug store brands. However, I was very pleasantly surprised that the Cover Girl + Olay Facelift Effect Firming Make Up offers really amazing coverage. Not only did it help with the fine lines, it helped cover the redness from my rosacea. Definitely a product I’ll be buying again.

The Cover Girl + Olay The De-Puffer Eye Concealer offers Olay rejuvenating serum plus cucumber extract to soothe puffiness under the eye, while a unique cooling metal-tip applicator massages on concealer as it glides over under eye area. There are six shades available: Fair/light, light, light/medium, medium, fair and medium/deep. I received fair for my coloring.

Anti-Aging Products by Cover Girl + Olay

My thoughts: I do like that the coolness of the metal tip helps reduce swelling. It’s just like using an ice pack on a sprained ankle, the coolness automatically helps bring the swelling down. The angled tip made it easy to apply. I used my fingertips to pat it into my skin and it covered well and blended into the foundation.

Have you tried these new products from Cover Girl + Olay? I really love the look I got using it!


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  1. Normally, I’m fairly timid about buying drugstore make-up, not because of the quality but because I don’t do a great job selecting the right colors.  You look so great with yours that I think it’ll be worth the risk.  

  2. That foundation looks amazing on you! I have darkening of the skin around my mouth and cheeks. I have to use a great foundation that covers it, which can be hard. I am a Philosophy and IT cosmetics girl but I am honestly thinking about trying the foundation. It really does look good on you!

  3. I love Cover Girl and always have, their products are great.. you look beautiful. Thanks for sharing, have to check these out, I’m slowly creeping up there in age, too :-(…

  4. That Facelift effect texture looks so luxurious and silky! I am always looking for a new Cover Girl product to try, they were the first brand I started using when I first wore makeup!

  5. I adore Covergirl and Olay products and have noticed I need to use different make up as I have aged a little 🙂

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