Keepsake Mothers Day Gifts

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If you’re looking for keepsake Mothers Day gifts, check out my top keepsake gifts for mom. Your mother will appreciate these personalized Mother’s Day gifts.

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Keepsake Mothers Day Gifts that Wow on a Budget

Keepsake Mothers Day Gifts

One of the easiest ways to find a keepsake gift is to shop handmade artisans. I love supporting small businesses. And, Etsy is a wonderful place to find them. Keepsake gifts are often one of a kind or at least they aren’t mass-produced. 

When shopping for gifts for mom, a keepsake gift usually has meaning. It might be her birth month or her children’s or grand children’s birth months.

Or, it might include a special photo. Customized Mother’s Day gifts are often personalized with a name or date. 

Keepsake Mothers Day Gifts that Wow


Mom keepsake

If you want a Mom Keepsake, you will love this custom puzzle. It’s 1000 pieces and is made from a photo that you provide.

This can be a picture of your mom holding one of the kids. Or, it can be a photograph of all of the kids together.

Once it’s put together, you can seal it so it can be hung on the wall. If you want keepsake Mother’s Day gifts, that she’ll enjoy, this is a wonderful example. Find out more here.

two rings on a glass table

Personalized gifts for Mom

Personalized gifts for mom make wonderful memories to hold on to. If you’re looking for keepsake Mother’s Day gifts that your mom will cherish for years, why not consider a name ring.

These name rings can be personalized with a name. They are available in rose gold, gold, or silver.

And, they can be stacked if you have more than one name you want to be part of the set. Check these rings out here.

Or, if you prefer a necklace, look at these.

Sentimental gifts for mom from daughter

There are so many gorgeous gifts a daughter can give her mother for Mother’s Day. But, one of my favorites is this song lyrics heart.

You can choose your own lyrics, text, or words that they use. So, it doesn’t have to be a song. It could be something special that you write.

It’s on archival paper which means that it can be mounted and framed so it lasts forever. This is a gift that mom will really treasure forever. See this gift here.

a woman holding a gift box

Keepsake Mother’s Day Gifts that are sentimental

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to show mom just how much you love her. So, sentimental gifts are often ones that mean the most.

This Mom and Me wedding day picture is truly a mom keepsake she will love to receive. I know that this is something I’d love to get for Mother’s Day.

This mom keepsake canvas is on stretched wood so it’s ready to hang. Look at it here.


A shadowbox is a  special way to collect and display memories. This can mean photographs, initials, pressed flowers, invitations, or any other small keepsake item that you have memories attached to.

You could fill them with baby mementos or anything that would be special for your mom. They are typically wood and covered with glass to keep the items safe and display them for years. You can find them here.

flowers in a hatbox

Traditional Mother’s Day gifts

Of course, flowers are a traditional Mother’s Day gift that everyone loves to receive. But, they don’t last long.

Gifting roses in a personalized hat box is a wonderful solution. The hatbox is personalized and will be a keepsake that mom will treasure forever. Find these gifts here.

Where can I find really unique Mother’s Day gifts online?

Etsy of course! You can find beautiful handcrafted gift ideas on Etsy. There are many one-of-a-kind gifts that would make great Mothers Day presents or for any other day you want Mom to know you care.

Finally, you can find even more unique gifts for mom right here

Keepsake Mothers Day Gifts that Wow

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