7 Tips for a Stress Free Party

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Looking for tips for a stress free party? The big party day is almost here and you want to enjoy it as much as you can.  Whether it’s a birthday party for your husband or cocktails after work, these tips for a stress free party will help you make the most of your party.  Nobody wants to be so stressed out preparing for the party that they cannot enjoy visiting with friends and family.

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7 Tips for a Stress Free Party You May Not Have Considered

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Tips for a Stress Free Party

The best words of advice that I can offer are “leave the details to someone else.” The less you have to deal with personally, the more you will be able to relax and enjoy the time. While we cannot all hire servers, a housekeeper, a band, or a party planner, there are still a few things we can do to lessen the stress. Here are a few party planning ideas to begin with.

Keep a list during the planning process.

Write down every task that has to be handled and check it off as it’s done. If you’ve delegated the task to someone else, make sure that you note when you spoke to them and what you both agreed on. That way there will be no mistakes.

Consider a theme.

Turn your living room into a south of the border scene or transform your backyard into a tropical location. Themes aren’t just for children.  You can easily choose a theme for an adult party as well. Consider the 1950s, the roaring twenties or even the wild west.

Use a cleaning service.

A cleaning service will be able to tackle the big jobs you just don’t have time for. Possible chores they can handle for you include shampooing the carpet, washing the windows, waxing the floors and giving your home a final “polish” before the guests arrive.

7 Tips for a Stress Free Party You May Not Have Considered

Cater it.

Whether that means desserts from a local bakery or meat and cheese platters from the deli, they can put it together much more efficiently than you can. If your party is formal, you can arrange for servers to be present to handle the buffet or simply to pass the hors-d’oeuvres.

Child care.

Either make sure your guests understand that children aren’t welcome or consider having a few local teenagers watch the younger children while the adults visit. A separate room with a DVD player, games, and snacks for the kids will make the process easier for everyone.

Keep it simple.

If you don’t need a formal sit down dinner, consider whether a buffet or simply appetizers would work just as well. If it fits with your theme, consider disposable plates, silverware, and cups to save on clean up.

 Remember the entertainment.

Whether that’s a band for dancing or great movies on your HDTV, make sure you think about how you will entertain your guests while they’re here. If you don’t plan on watching movies during your party, you may want to consider your options for music.

I hope these party planning tips have given you something to think about.

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  1. These are some great tips!  I personally LOVE theme parties.  They are so much fun and give you a chance to be creative with your planning!


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