10 Things to Pack for a Trip

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Don’t forget to include these 10 things to pack for a trip when you’re getting ready for your 4th of July weekend. You’ll want to pack light without forgetting the basic essentials. I hate when I overpack but I also don’t like not having what I need.

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10 Things to Pack for a Trip Over July 4th

10 Things to Pack for a Trip

When I travel for July 4th, I like to have a few patriotic accents for my outfit. Now, you may want to dress head-to-toe in red, white and blue, and that’s totally fine.

Otherwise, a cute patriotic t-shirt, a pair of flag earrings, and some sparkly strappy sandals are great ideas. Don’t forget a handbag for every season.

Check out these 10 things to pack for a trip.

1. Quick styling hair brush

With Conair Quick Blow Dry Pro Vent, Brush Vents allow airflow from blow-dryer to reach hair for fast drying and styling. Use to add volume and lift to hairstyles. You’ll want your hair to look amazing without spending hours on it.

a woman wearing a yellow shirt looking away

2. Scünci Heathered Knotted Ponytailers

Scünci’s Heathered Knotted Ponytailers are soft ponytailers, providing all day comfort. Don’t spend hours fussing with your hair when you’d rather be on the beach or hanging out with friends.

Remembering these ten things to pack for a weekend trip will give you more time for fun and less for worrying.

3. Ultra hydrating cleanser

Sloughing off dead surface skin cells to reveal new skin is a must in any skincare regime. Too harsh and your skin gets irritated, too soft and you’re not getting the needed results.

DDF Advanced Mirco-Exfoliation Cleanser is an ultra hydrating, creamy, glycerin-based cleanser gently exfoliates with natural rice bran particles to reveal fresh new skin.

Improves skin hydration up to 3 hours after cleansing alone!

Two Ingredient Rinse to Remove Product Buildup From Hair

4. Finishing creme

Philip B. Crème of the Crop Hair Finishing Crème transforms dry, puffy strands into smooth, glossy, piecey perfection. Great for medium to thick hair types.

It provides intense conditioning and shine with supple hold to add sexy definition to both straight and wavy styles. Don’t get stuck with a bad hair day on your trip!

It is phthalate free; color & keratin treatment safe.

How and Why to Wear Matte Foundation Makeup

5. Makeup Drop

This Silicone Makeup Applicator was designed to completely eliminate wasted makeup and skincare. While sponge applicators soak up large amounts of makeup during application, the MakeupDrop™ perfectly applies and blends your foundation, blush, highlighter, concealer, moisturizer, and primer without absorbing one drop!

Only half the amount of product is needed as compared to a traditional sponge or brush applicator. You’ll be able to get every drop from your travel sized beauty essentials with this.

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6. Patriotic sandals

You can opt for a single color sandal in either red, white or blue. Or, choose a patriotic pair of sandals to show off your American pride.

If you need sandals with arch support like I do, look for Vionic or Merrell brands. Hours one your feet are no fun at all when your feet hurt.

7. SPF Sunscreen

If you’ll be spending time outside during the day, make sure that you toss in a few bottles of SPF sunscreen to prevent sunburn. I got an awful sunburn on my trip this past week because I forgot to reapply sunscreen throughout the day.

Don’t make the same mistake that I did. You may find a printable travel packing list helpful.

10 Things to Pack for a Trip Over July 4th

8. Patriotic Clothes

When thinking about what clothes to pack, it will really depend on what you’ll be doing. Fireworks at an evening beach party will call for a different outfit than fireworks with the kids at the park.

Whatever you choose, make sure you pick layers so you will be comfortable in both warm and cool weather. How about these patriotic nail designs?

a pair of sunglasses on the deck of a boat

9. Sunglasses

Planning on being outside in the sun all day? If you’ll be attending a patriotic parade or cookout, don’t forget to pack a pair of sunglasses.

Exposing your eyes to bright sunlight can cause future vision problems or aggravate existing conditions like cataracts.

10. Healthy supplements

It’s all too easy to forget about your health while you’re traveling. Stick to your health goals by choosing healthy foods and remembering to take your daily supplements.

I always make sure to pack a daily vitamin, Vitamin C and a probiotic.

Which of these 10 things to pack for a trip will you be bringing?

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  1. My Correxiko supplements I won from your giveaway have been so convenient to slip into my purse. I love the little pouch of 5 supplements so I don’t forget any. I finally bought my pair of white jeans that was on my list last Memorial Day weekend. I couldn’t get the pair I had my eye on since my internet was down over the whole weekend, but then weeks later, they went on sale for half off! I felt so blessed so I bought a pair of white and a pair of black, both appropriate to take on a holiday weekend. I have some flag earrings somewhere and need to find them! Thanks for the great post.

  2. I always seem to forget my sunglasses so its always a good thing to be reminded about them. The summer requires sunglasses or my eyes take a huge strain from the sun.


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