Zoya Tickled Collection

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I love pampering myself and the Zoya Tickled Collection is just the nail polish collection to splurge on. The Zoya Tickled Collection is one of the Zoya Summer Collections and while summer is a great time to wear them, I can definitely see myself wearing them all year long. 

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Zoya Tickled Collection Wendy

Zoya Tickled Collection

I love that Zoya Nail Polish and nail care and nail polish removers are free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor. Pampering myself just got a little bit better when I know that the products I’m using aren’t damaging our environment. It’s their commitment to not using these chemicals that makes me come back to their products again and again. The Zoya Tickled Collection includes the following six opaque nail polish colors:

Zoya Tickled Collection Tilda

Zoya Tickled Collection - Kirtridge

Zoya Tickled Collection - Rooney

Zoya Tickled Collection - Rocha


Zoya Tickled Collection Ling


It’s really difficult for me to choose a favorite out of this collection.  I really LOVE how creamy and smooth these apply and I get full coverage with just one coat of nail polish which is a huge plus for me.  I really don’t like having to apply multiple coats of polish to get a solid look.  The colors all retailed a nice high gloss even after they dried which I really appreciate.  I am partial to glossy polish and the Zoya Tickled Collection definitely fits the bill for that one.

I don’t generally wear a lot of blue and green polish although my 21 year old daughter loves both of those shades.  If I had to choose one favorite, it would probably be Wendy. I love what a happy color it is.  Look for these shades now.

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  1. I love Zoya lacquers because they’re 3Free and they wear so well. Every year I participate in their polish exchange, I will have to pick up Kitridge when I do!

  2. Love the colors… never heard of Zoya, totally have to check it out. Thanks for sharing, you sure made it look simple, I can never paint my own nails, but I bring my own colors to my nail person 🙂


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