Buying Clothes So It Hurts – Why Expensive is Good

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Years ago, those words would have been music to my ears. Why buy one shirt for $10 when you can get three for $10? I took advantage of almost every sale or discount available.  More was always better than less. If one was good then four was even better.  I wasn’t unusual in my thinking. I knew many people who did the same thing.  But then it happened.

Buying Clothes So It Hurts - Why Expensive is Good

Buying Clothes So It Hurts – Why Expensive is Good

I looked at my closet and found a huge selection of clothes that weren’t quite my color, didn’t fit exactly the way they should, and didn’t look quite right after they’d been washed a few times. Instead of having a bunch of clothes that I loved, I had a bunch of clothes that I wore but weren’t quite what I was looking for. Which meant I was back to the store buying more clothes in a constant search for the right one.

In the United States, we have cheap clothes everywhere we look from big box retailers to discount chains. The problem is that these items are produced and then discarded with very little thought for our environment or the people who make them. We’re saving a few dollars and destroying the world in the process.

I recently read an article in The Atlantic that encouraged readers to spend at least $150 on each item of clothing. Now, you may be thinking that there is just no way that would happen but keep reading.

Buying Clothes So It Hurts - Why Expensive is Good

At $150 for a pair of jeans or a sweater, you really think about whether or not you are going to buy it. You’re not grabbing two shirts for $10 just because you could probably use them. You’re investing in something you need, that you’ll take care of, that you’ll really get use out of. If that shirt costs $150, you are going to make darn sure you take good care of it and that you really need it.

Invest in your clothes

Clothes at $150 a piece are an investment.

The article urged people to find their own personal threshold. Obviously, that will depend on your income and your expenses. For you, the price may be $50. For someone else, it might be $300.

The point is to find that price that makes you stop and think and think some more before you buy things needlessly that don’t last  Stop using shopping as entertainment and really consider your purchases before you make them. Invest in quality over quantity.

Buying Clothes So It Hurts - Why Expensive is Good

What do you think? For me, this has been a gradual process as I work through decluttering my home. I’m not running out and buying a brand new wardrobe. Instead, I’m adding pieces very slowly that I need and that will last for a long time. I’m focusing on classic cuts and basic colors that I know won’t go out of style.

What do you think?

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