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I think that I am slightly addicted to monthly subscription boxes. I’ve been searching for unique monthly subscription boxes to find something a little different. I like subscription boxes where you receive a variety of items and not just the same things every month.  Finding a subscription box in the mailbox is like turning every day into Christmas.  When I was asked to review GlobeIn on my blog, I knew that these were unique monthly subscription boxes I wanted to try.

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Unique monthly subscription boxes

Unique Monthly Subscription Boxes

GlobeIn subscription boxes allow you to receive one of a kind crafts from artisans around the world. Each box contains up to three specially handcrafted items and the stories of the artists who made the pieces. All at a cost that’s less than if you bought the items individually.  I love the fact that you get to pick the category of your gift box! You can choose from Jewelry, Decor, or Home Accessories. Their curators will select the best items for your box, whether it’s going to your friend, your mom, or you. You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

I received a beautiful selection of unique handcrafted gift items.  Each one was truly a work of art. Each item came with a gift tag identifying who the artist was that created it.  Also included with the shipment were postcards telling me more about each artist and where they came from.

Unique monthly subscription boxes

I received a beautiful found box that was woven from palm leaves. It was created by Profira and Margarita who live in Mexico. It will be perfect to store my special treasures in.  I learned from the postcard included that the weaving pattern of the box is called petate which means bedroll because it’s often used to make bedrolls.

Unique monthly subscription boxes

Inside the box was a gorgeous pair of earrings in their own little colorful pouch.  These glass earrings were made by Paulina who is from Mexico City.  She even has some of her art displayed in the Jovenes Artesanso gallery in Mexico City!

Unique monthly subscription boxes

I received truly lovely scented candle that was created by Luz de Luna Group in Mexico.  The candle had a beautiful scent that smelled vaguely citrus to me and the container was so unique! The postcard says that the candles are created from natural fruit peels.

Unique monthly subscription boxes

I actually received four items in my subscription box which was a nice surprise!  The fourth item was actually my favorite. It was a set of four beautiful embroidered coasters that were created by Sandra and Abel.  The colors are just so vibrant and alive and it will match my living room perfectly.

If you are searching for unique monthly subscription boxes, I highly recommend GlobeIn.  The quality of each item I received was truly top notch and they will all make amazing gifts if I don’t decide to keep them all for myself.

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