Top Halloween Hair Ideas

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Check out these top Halloween hair ideas for authentic custom looks! Adults costumes and parties are all the rage and a perfect occasion to combine your personal style and creativity to fulfill your fantasies of being someone or something else for a day.

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Top Halloween Hair Ideas for Authentic Costume Looks

Top Halloween Hair Ideas

Trying to decide on a costume can be difficult, do you want to go full glam or create a twisted fantasy? The option is you!

“Hair extensions are a staple when it comes to completing your Halloween look. No matter what hair color you have, fancy hair extensions like Barely Xtensions can make any costume come to life,” says Jennifer Hutchens, Brand and Product Development Director with Barely Xtensions.

From gothic to fantasy, mythical and mystical hair, let color be your guide. So, here’s how to incorporate hair extensions into the perfect Halloween style by embracing what you already have!

Top Halloween Hair Ideas for Authentic Costume Looks

Dark Beauties:

For dark-haired beauties, why not use what you already have and go for a dark and sultry gothic look for Halloween? Something like Wednesday Adams and her iconic black tresses, or maybe a Kat Von D look with silky dark waves will look mysterious.

To enhance and emphasize gothic hair go for one of the darkest shades of Barely Xtensions in Dark Brown, Espresso or Black.

Top Halloween Hair Ideas for Authentic Costume Looks

Dirty Blondes:

Sparkle up Dirty Blonde tresses for a magical Halloween by using Barbie as inspiration! Go full out glam like Barbie in The Magic of Pegasus! It’s the perfect combination of Princess + Unicorn. Just add Barely Xtensions in Light Blonde or Silver, and style.

Top Halloween Hair Ideas for Authentic Costume Looks

Blonde Bombshells:

For the Blonde Bombshells be the queen of all hair goals by bringing your Game of Thrones obsession to life as Khaleesi, or feed your fairytale fantasies as Elsa.

So, to get this look try Barely Xtensions in Platinum Ice or Metallic Silver to get those long princess waves of braids down your back.

Top Halloween Hair Ideas for Authentic Costume Looks

Fire Redheads:

For the Fire Redheads, be mischievous and embrace your rareness by bringing the OG redhead characters to life. Poison Ivy or Jessica Rabbit costumes would not be complete without the hair.

To dominate the look, try Red Extensions from Barely Xtensions to add loads of volume, greenery, and style for the room-stopping look.

Top Halloween Hair Ideas for Authentic Costume Looks

Whimsical Ladies:

So, if you need multi-colored hair you have you can add pops of color with extensions. A Mermaid is a good example of this. In order to make the sultry sea princess use Teal Extensions like the Instant Color Clips Collection. They provide a multitude of color options when it comes to pops of color to make your costume come to life.

Pro Tip: Some of our Barely Xtensions Collections are not available online. They can only be found in select Sally Beauty Stores throughout the United States.

If you are trying to create one of our fabulous Halloween looks and can’t find a certain item, have no worries there is an easy fix! Try purchasing Platinum Ice Extensions from Barely Xtensions in addition to Arctic Fox Hair Color in store or online at Sally Beauty to create the look you wish to achieve.

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Finally, professional beauty supply stores often carry hair extensions. Lastly, check out some of these easy retro Halloween costumes.

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