The Look Book by Erika Stalder

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Book Title: The Look Book
Subtitle: 50 iconic beauties and how to achieve their signature styles
Author: Erika Stalder
Genre: Teen Non Fiction, Beauty
ISBN: 978-0-9819733-8-8
Publisher: Zest Books
Suggested Retail Price: $18.99

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From  the book:

Classic Hollywood stars cement signature looks that current celebrities continue to rock on the red carpet, in the clubs and for the camera. From Lauren Bacall’s lush lips to Grace Jones’ space age eye shadow, these looks are now made accessible to teens with THE LOOK BOOK, which is an illustrated hair and makeup how-to as well as comprehensive celebrity beauty trend encyclopedia.
The Look Book is a guide to the classic beauty styles of our past and present from Audrey Hepburn’s winged eyes to Clara Bow’s bee-stung lips. There are 50 different stars showcased in this book.  The contents section breaks them down by the type of look (lips, eyes, brows, skin & face, or hair).  Inside each section is a list of the icon and the look they are known for.  There is also a very handy section that discusses each type of make up brush and what it’s used for.

Each icon has her own page with several paragraphs that tells who she is and what look she’s known for.  It lists the films she’s best known for and has a quote as well.  The next page tells you how to get each icon’s beauty looks.  The information includes who it works best on, what tools you’ll need, and the time it takes.  Then there is a detailed description of how you can achieve the look along with pictures to show how to do it. There is also a really cool section that tells you what other stars have been seen wearing this look. For example did you know that Clara Bow’s cupid bow lips have also been seen on Molly Ringwald, Betty Boop and Lady Gaga?

I really love the range of beauty icons included.  You’ll find everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Joan Jett and Jennifer Lopez.  The index is broken down by icon – both those included in the book and those who have used each icon’s style. My teenage daughter loved this book because it gave her tips and tricks to look like her favorite stars.  Definitely a must read for anyone interested in capturing the look of their favorite star.

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  1. What an interesting concept for a book. I love that you included Betty Boop!

    Best Wishes for your book’s success.

  2. I bet this is a great and fun book. Thanks for the review. I still think we are unique, too. Rita Spratlen


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