Winnie the Pooh and Care Bears!

Last Updated on July 16, 2021 by Ellen Christian

Seriously, I am totally in love with cute cartoon characters like Winnie the Pooh, Care Bears and Smurfs. I would love to be able to wear clothes covered in these adorable cartoon characters. Can I? No – not only can I not find these in any of my stores, but I think the entire office would look at me like I had lost my mind if I came into work one day wearing a pair of pants and top with matching pink and blue Care Bears all over them.

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Of course, nurses get to wear uniform scrubs that are covered in cute characters but they are really the only group of people who can carry this off. Maybe a preschool teacher or daycare worker could manage it but I think that’s about it. How about you? What character would you wear if you could get away with it?

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3 thoughts on “Winnie the Pooh and Care Bears!”

  1. Dear Ellen, I am a nurse and I have lots of funny characters and uniforms. I got a way with wearing angels my favorite! I believe if you really like them you can wear them. They will just think you work with kids! Most likely! Ha! HA! Who really cares. If you like it wear it! If it makes you happy wear it. Rita


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