Summer Hair Care Secrets

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We all know that some days our hair has a mind of its own. Add heat, humidity, chlorine, wind or rain and you never know what your hair will look like by the end of the day. Your hair will react to weather, pollution, temperature and the products you use in very different ways each season. These summer hair care secrets will give you some insight into what you can do to have a better hair day.

Summer hair care secrets

Summer Hair Care Secrets

Different tips and products will work for some people better than others. You may think that those beachy waves you see are totally effortless but for the most part you’d be wrong.  You will need to experiment to see which of these summer hair care secrets is the solution to your hair challenges.

  • Protect your color. UV rays from the sun can oxidize your hair color. Choose products with added UV protection.
  • Keep down the frizz. Summer humidity means frizzy hair for many people. Try a smoothing serum or anti-frizz hair spray to control it.
  • Control oil. Summer heat can mean an increase in oil production. If you have already oily hair, try more frequent shampooing with a dry shampoo in between washes.
  • Repair chlorine damage. Frequent dips in the pool can result in a built up of chlorine which can discolor your hair. Try a clarifying shampoo to remove buildup.
  • Return moisture. More frequent hair washing can result in dryer hair. Return moisture with a good conditioner.

Don’t let your fun in the sun have a negative impact on your hair this summer. To avoid further damaging your hair, if you need to put your hair up in a pony tail to beat the heat, avoid bands with metal tips which can break and snap your hair. Instead choose a soft scrunchie to hold your hair off your face and neck.

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5 Summer Hair Care Sectets

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  1. My hair is NOT cooperative in humid weather, lol. It gets so frizzy!

  2. Love these tips! My daughter’s hair is a mess, since they swim every day at the camp and chlorine is anything but nice to her hair

  3. My hair usually looks like the goats’ next meal which is not a good thing. Hay for hair is not a good look. Thanks for the info.

  4. Awesome tips for summer hair care.  I know for me the frizz comes when humidity gets high.

  5. THanks Ellen for the great post and excellent video.  I especially like the tip about maintaining your color…not easy.