Stylish Easy on Ankle Booties for Fall

Last Updated on July 3, 2023 by Ellen Christian

I love booties but there are times that they don’t love me. Have you ever fallen in love with a pair of shoes but when you tried to put your foot into them it just wasn’t happening? I know how disappointing that can be which is why I wanted to tell you about these easy on ankle booties I received. 

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Stylish Easy on Ankle Booties for Fall

Stylish Easy on Ankle Booties for Fall

I can’t tell you how many pairs of ankle booties I’ve tried on only to not be able to get my foot into them. Either the opening at the top wasn’t large enough or the bootie was so slim fitting that it wasn’t comfortable for my foot width.

This suede ankle bootie features double zippers that not only add ease of entry but also style. They feature a fully leather-lined with a 1-1/2″ stacked heel and textured rubber sole.

They’re perfect for running errands (which is what I feel like I spend my entire day doing) or taking a walk in the woods.

Stylish Easy on Ankle Booties for Fall

Why sacrifice fashion for fit when you can have both with Marmi? Whether you’re looking for a women’s size four shoe, a size twelve shoe, or a size thirteen shoe, they have your size!

One of Marmi’s specialties is not only the extended sizes but the large selection of women’s narrow shoes. They also offer widths in wide, medium, narrow, slim, and super slim in your favorite designer styles like casual, dress, evening, sandals, and boots.

Stylish Easy on Ankle Booties for Fall

I love that the shoes I found on Marmi’s website are both stylish and comfortable. They offer a wide range of boots, casual, dress, flats and sandals so no matter what the occasion, you can find the perfect shoe. They even have a great selection of handbags so you can accessorize your outfit.

I’m wearing the VANELi Beatriz style ankle bootie in black suede but you can also find it in gray suede if you prefer. It’s available in sizes 4 to 13 and in narrow, medium and wide widths. Visit their site and check out the selection of boots they offer today. I love mine!

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  1. I love that Marmi’s has the range of sizes and widths. I can’t tell you how many people that I hear at the ends of the spectrum just hate they cannot find cute shoes. If they have booties like this, wow they will be happy.


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