Spring Fashions And An Art Gallery

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This is a Fashionista Event Opportunity, and is hosted by Still Blonde after all these YEARS and Modly Chic.  

Despite being in the middle of another snowstorm, I know that spring is going to be here some day. It has to be, right? Even in Vermont, June means green grass and flowers.  Since it’s been so cold an snowy lately, I decided to cheer myself up with a trip to the Christine Price Gallery in Castleton. To celebrate the occasion, I decided to wear my new shirt from Monroe and Main’s Spring Collection.

Monroe and Main Su & Lola Shirt

Spring Fashions And An Art Gallery

The gallery had artwork on display from artist, Richard Weis.  There were 14 different pieces on display at the gallery ranging from small to wall size.  They had a vaguely Asian feel to them and several were done on Korean mulberry paper.   Many of them were 3D with rope, wood or wire.

Monroe and Main Su & Lola Shirt

I love the Monroe and Main Green With Envy Top I received. It’s casual enough for day to day wear with jeans but could easily be dressed up with slacks and heels.  The neckline lengthens your figure and draws in to narrow your waist.

Spring Fashions Monroe and Main

The gentle flair of the shirt helps hide your hips if that’s a concern. The Green With Envy Top is available in Misses or Plus sizes and from sizes small to extra large.

Monroe and Main Spring Collection

This is the perfect top for spring because it has 3/4 length sleeves. It’s a bit warmer than a t-shirt but not as warm as long sleeves. It’s soft and comfortable and the length is perfect for not riding up or showing things that you’d rather not show. Despite the gathered neckline, I was able to wear a shell underneath for modesty.

If you’d like to update your wardrobe with a few new spring fashions, I have a great giveaway for you. One of my readers will win a wide strip bag, leopard print woven scarf and crystal/dot dial watch! Enter to win the Monroe and Main Spring Accessories Prize Bundle valued $110 below:

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  1. rochelle haynes says

    I  learned that Spring’s necklaces are a fun assortment of various lengths and styles, but there are a few common themes:

  2. I learned that shorter necklaces are in!! I love that! No need to draw attention to my cleavage!

  3. I learned that bright pieces are in fashion. 

  4. Heather Baker says

    Flats are in this year!!!

  5. Wearing flats instead of heels is a big (and comfortable!) trend this season.

  6. I learned that the Color of the year in 2015 is Marsala

  7. I learned that earrings are a way to show personal style

  8. Tammy Schweitzer Catterton says

    I have learn that Colorful Bohemian patterns and beaded jewelry  is a trend for this spring like the pieces that are shown for it Color is in for sure 

  9. I learned that Bohemian patterns and beaded jewelry are very fashionable this Spring.

  10. I learned that pendants are trending for this spring!

  11. Pendants: Worn short or long, pendant necklaces are another huge jewelry trend this spring. Look for bold and colorful pendants or ones with cool metallic textures that add visual interest. Pendants look especialy great with a v-neck dress or paired with a cardigan.

  12. I learned the Spring trend is bright colors and bold shapes.

  13. Elizabeth J. says

    I learned that choker-style necklaces will be in style this Spring.

  14. I never thought about the fact that Bohemian style jewelry looks best with light, flowy fabrics.

  15. Colorful Bohemian patterns and beaded jewelry is in this Spring! So excited to pull out Mom’s flower-power baubles this year! 😀

  16. Rebecca Xavier says

    My feet are happy that flats are in again.

  17. I learned that necklaces are shorter and pendants are “in” this Spring.

  18. I learned shorter necklaces are in

  19. ankle flats are stylish and comfortable especially if you are walking

  20. Kortney Lah says


  21. learned and I’m happy to know that Colorful Bohemian patterns and beaded jewelry are also on-trend

  22. I learned that flats are going to be ‘in’ for Spring which is great news since I had an accident and broke my leg and won’t be wearing heels for a long time anyways!

  23. I learned that Bohemian patterns and beaded jewelry are trending, which I’m looking forward to seeing more of.

  24. I learned that patterned, textured and colorful bags are the way to go this spring! 🙂

  25. Cynthia Richardson says

    I love wearing statement earrings and liked the tip to “Wear bright blue Boho earrings with a black blazer at work, for instance.”

  26. i learned shorter statement necklaces are in

  27. I learned your feet want to breath after winter and flats are what they need.

  28. I learned that shorter necklaces are in style this spring, along with pendants and beads.

  29. heather eg kaufman says

    Wearing flats instead of heels is a big (and comfortable!) trend this season. 

  30. I learned that Colorful Bohemian patterns and beaded jewelry are on-trend and you should wear bright jewelry with lightweight flowing fabrics for a cohesive look.

  31. Bold colors and cool designs this season can help you show your creativity and individual styleis what I learned from the link provided. We desperately need scarves,because my daughters and I shaved our heads for Cushing’s Disease Awareness and to try to raise money for my cancer treatment. Apparently losing your hair is a symptom of Cushing’s Disease and so is cancer. I’d probably share the scarf or scarves, keep the purse then pass it to my daughters when I die and gift the watch. I LOVE the striped purse because it’s zebra-like colors because it is our Cushing’s Disease mascot for being a rare disease. If you have a rare disease or went to med school you already know why.

  32. I learned that this year fashions and accessories are all about bold shapes and bright colors. 🙂

  33. I learned that bold colors and fun textures are IN which is great because I love textures on anything from sweaters to dresses and I am totally a bold color person! 

  34. That shorter necklaces and bohemian beads are trending now. 

  35. On trend this season is flats. They are color blocking and bright colors this season. 

  36. I learned about Ankle straps -they are perfect for all-day wear because they provide a little extra support to spring shoes, making them easier to walk around in.

  37. I learned ankle straps are becoming more popular with flats, heels and sandals. 

  38. Seyma Shabbir says

    I learned that shorter necklaces are trending! I love this because long ones get snagged or pulled by my kids! Thanks!

  39. I learned that earrings are a great way to show personal style and I love the idea of wearing bright blue Boho earri.ngs with a black blazer

  40. I learned that ankle straps are perfect for all-day wear because they provide a little extra support to spring shoes, making them easier to walk around in. Thanks.

  41. I learned that flats are in style this year!

  42. choker-style necklaces will be in style this Spring is seething I learned!

  43. Desiree Dunbar says

    I learned that earring trends for spring are long and asymmetrical.

  44. Andrea Darst says

    I learned that flats are going to be very “in” for Spring!

  45. Samantha Hill says

    I learned that boho patterns are super popular for spring

  46. I learned that adding a pop of color can change your entire outfit. Earrings, scarfs or shoes can add color.

  47. I love your outfit choices Ellen, you always chose the comfy options that are oh-so fashionable! This top for instance looks super comfortable, the fit is so flattering, and that color is just gorgeous. Great choice!

    From the article I learned that you need to wear a eye-catching short statement necklaces this Spring with a scoop-neck blouse or a crew-neck tee. Thank you for this great giveaway 🙂

  48. Linda Bradshaw says

    I learned flats are in and that bold colors are good.  I have a black purse.   I need one that is a bold color.  

  49. I learned that this spring necklaces are a little shorter than they have been in past years.  I prefer shorter necklaces because they seem to be more mom friendly.

  50. Short and long pendants are a trend this spring. 

  51. kathy dalton says

    I was happy to learn that flats are in this spring

  52. Tiffany S says

    I learned that ankle straps are in style this year.

  53. Michele P says

    I learned that Bohemian beaded items, bright colors and shorter necklaces are trendy this Spring season.

  54. I learned that handbags are going to have lots of texture and pattern to them this spring – which is great, because I tend to go for lots of classic solid color pieces in my wardrobe – the handbag can be my pop of color and will work with multiple outfits!

  55. Linda Kish says

    Flats are back (finally).  I’ve worn them since I retired 20 years ago but now I will be fashionable. 

  56. Cheryl Rogers says

    I really love how the article gives us permission to get nice bright colors in our handbags!  I need a new one so that excites me!

  57. robyn donnelly says

    I love the leggings and jackets because they are smart looking.

  58. Bohemian looks are back in style

  59. Loretta Sullivan says

    Flat shoes can be worn with just about any outfit, for everyday, work or special occasions.

  60. Thank you SO MUCH! I am super excited and happy! My daughter loves the bag and watch and I am in love with the scarf so we will be sharing this win! Happy dance!