Cinderella SinfulColors Nail Polish Shades

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Check out my thoughts on Cinderella SinfulColors and where you can find it. This 2014 holiday color is very hard to find but I’ve located it for you.

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SinfulColors Holiday 2014 Nail Polish Shades

SinfulColors Holiday 2014 Nail Polish Shades

There’s just something magical about a freshly fallen coat of snow. If you can look past the fact that it means you need to shovel the driveway, you might notice how the sun sparkles off the snow on the ground or how the snowflakes look like little diamonds when they fall. I do love things that sparkle: snow, diamonds, nail polish.

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If you love all things that sparkle like I do, you’ll want to check out the SinfulColors Holiday 2014 Nail Polish Shades.  So, there are four different collections:

  • Holiday Faves – Gilded, Let’s Talk, Pine Away, Snow Me White, Ice Dream, Out of this World, Red Eye, Sugar Sugar
  • Blue & Hints of Gold – All About You, Endless Blue, Hottie, Cinderella, Gold Medal, Ice Blue, Midnight Blue
  • Decked with Glitter Flakes – Decadent, Holiday Rebel, Galax Sea, Twilight Twinkles, Unwrap Me
  • Opalescent Toppers – Bring it Sheer, Out of Space
SinfulColors Holiday 2014 Nail Polish Shades
Cinderella & All About You

I received four colors from the SinfulColors Holiday 2014 Nail Polish Shades collections. Hottie (Blue & Hints of Gold Collection), Gold Medal (Blue & Hints of Gold Collection), Cinderella (Blue & Hints of Gold Collection) and All About You (Blue & Hints of Gold Collection).

SinfulColors Holiday 2014 Nail Polish Shades
Gold Medal

So, these shades are really very versatile.  They can all be worn alone as a base or you can layer a clear glittery shade on top of a more opaque shade.  You can layer a sheer glittery shade to make it more opaque or use just one coat for lighter coverage.

I love the way the colors go together and they are definitely great choices for the holiday season. But, I had difficulty choosing a favorite from the polishes I received.

I love the way the Gold Medal looks with a coat of Hottie over it. It looks like gold glittering with diamonds – one of my favorite combinations.

SinfulColors Holiday 2014 Nail Polish Shades
Gold Medal & Hottie

These colors along with Cinderella SinfulColors were available exclusively at Walgreens for $1.99 during the holiday season. Now, you can Get it right here.

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  1. Oooh, I LOVE that Gold Medal color!  It really DOES look like gold!  I wouldn’t even save it for the parties or other special events, I’d wear it every day!


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