Kids Tell Their Stories Through Fashion

Last Updated on August 6, 2021 by Ellen Christian

It’s no secret that I love shopping. There’s a thrill you get from finding a new outfit from your favorite designer or THE pair of shoes you’ve been looking for. Shopping is sort of like a treasure hunt as I try to find the perfect style at the very best price. But, sometimes, shopping can be about more than that. Shopping is a way that we (and our kids) can tell their stories.

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Kids Tell Their Stories Through Fashion | Giving Back

LiveUrStory brings you the hottest kids tech fashions and culture. Their new program Style Story takes you on an adventure with different kids playing the roles of rock star, jock, geek, hipster and prepster. This new program looks at the hottest trends that drive each area of interest and lets you go behind the scenes to see real stories of kids everywhere. The kids use fashion and media to tell their stories and then share them.

The Tech the Halls platform at LiveUrStory is all about how technology helps kids share their stories. The winter style story features rock star Micheala. Proceeds from this single are being donated to different charities. First up for donations is charity: water.

100% of the proceeds from the purchase of this single go to charity: water. That’s 100%. All of it.

LiveUrStory has all sorts of fun fashions and tech accessories for kids – from babies up to tweens. The fashions are absolutely adorable. I so wish I had a baby to shop for because the outfits in the prepster category are super cute. There is even a sweet Hello Kitty outfit in the jock category! I love that this site lets kids express who they are and what their individual styles are. I never had that option when I was a kid or even when my kids were little.

I really love it that they put together the Tech the Halls platform to give back this holiday. Please help LiveUrStory by purchasing the single to help charity: water.

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