Sauna Tips and Tricks for Success

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Thinking about visiting a sauna? Check out these sauna tips and tricks first. Winter will be here before you know it, and I know how rough the cold winter air is to my skin. Enjoying time in a sauna can not only ease away those aches and pains, but it can also do wonders for your skin. If you aren’t regularly using a sauna, you may want to start.  

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Sauna Tips and Tricks for a More Enjoyable Visit

Sauna Tips and Tricks

The warm, moist heat from the sauna is perfect to soothe sore muscles. Many gyms offer saunas for this reason. If yours does, be sure to visit after your next workout.  The heat causes blood vessels to dilate which improves circulation and helps you heal faster.

Spending time in a sauna can do amazing things for your skin. Saunas cause you to sweat which helps to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and bacteria from your skin. This results in healthy glowing skin and can help reduce acne breakouts. Since circulation problems are often more prevalent in the winter, it’s another excellent reason to take a sauna.

Saunas can also make you feel better since the heat causes your brain to release endorphins that help improve your mood. Just imagine how great you’ll feel with fewer aches and pains, glowing skin and an improved outlook on life.

Of course, there are a few sauna tips and tricks you should know to get the most from your visit.

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Extra hydration

Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your sauna to replace the water you sweat out. For extra taste, add lemon or lime slices to your water. Be sure to bring along a BPA-free unbreakable water bottle for safety reasons.

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Eat lightly

Don’t fill up before your visit. Eat a light meal at least 30 minutes prior to visiting the sauna to avoid cramps. Moderation is key.

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Jewelry and contact lenses

Remove jewelry and contact lenses prior to your visit. Some jewelry can be damaged by the heat and steam, and contact lenses can become uncomfortable if you wear them in the sauna.

Sauna Tips and Tricks

Shower first

Shower before your visit to the sauna. Your body should be clean and free of perfumes and fragrances so others can enjoy their experience as well.

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Bring a sauna mat

You may find it more comfortable to sit on a folded towel or sauna mat rather than directly on the sauna benches.

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Apply lotion

After you leave the sauna, return some of the moisture to your skin with a body oil or lotion. Remember not to stay too long or your skin may become dry.

Now that you have these sauna tips and tricks, will you be visiting one soon?

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