Rugged Style for Women

Last Updated on April 21, 2023 by Ellen Christian

Looking for a rugged style for women? Check out my thoughts on a rugged outfit for women or bad girl style that really works!

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You’re probably thinking, “No way if you’re like me.”  There was a point in my youth where I could have rocked the rugged bad girl look.  Two children and many years later.. not so much.

my style - mark bad girl

Rugged Style for Women

I still have a few memories from my youth.  My studded leather bracelets sit in my jewelry box next to the more practical gold link bracelet my husband gave me on our anniversary.  

The leather boots with four-inch heels have long been replaced with more sensible flats and shoes made for someone with foot problems.  I no longer apply my makeup with such a heavy hand, and I use neutrals more often.

When I got an email about the rugged bad girl look from mark beauty, my first thought was that this was not a style I could pull off, and I was right. At 46, denim cut-offs and biker boots just don’t fit my style.   That left me a little bit sad until I decided that, even at 46, I could enjoy a few of these pieces with my style today.

the rugged bad girl look
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Shop the look

meet mark is no longer available but check out these similar pieces.

I received the Go with it bag from mark beauty.  The bag is a rich brown with gold metal studs as accents. It’s a mid-size convertible messenger bag that is trendy while still providing enough room to hold everything a busy woman needs to keep with her.  

There are three interior compartments, and the entire bag zips shut for the safety and security of your belongings. The dimensions are 12 1/4″ W x 12″ H x 2 1/2″ D and it has a 25″ adjustable strap for comfort.

My style boy meets girl t-shirt
Shirt: Boy Meets Girl USA
Bracelet: Target


my style mark go with it bag
Handbag: mark Go with it bag
Bracelet: Target

This handbag helps me put together a rugged style for women. When paired with a few other denim and leather pieces, it’s a great look.

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  1. I really like the shoes you paired with this outfit, they add a touch of country rugged, which makes the look less harsh (or bad girl, if you will); however, it’s still very rock and roll meets country.

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