Make Me Up For $25 Challenge

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We’re building a quality makeup kit for $25 a month with the $25 Monthly Makeup Challenge. This month I decided to take the $25 I would be spending on makeup and put it toward a ring that I fell in love with while I was visiting the Spa Django in Texas.


Make Me Up For $25 Challenge

The rules: 

Your monthly budget is $25. You can buy stuff anywhere you want, and buy anything you want, but you have to stay under $25. If you order online, S/H counts towards your $25. If you have money left over, you can use it towards the next month’s challenge.

Just like in every other aspect of life, sometimes we have to save up for things we want.

No coupon hauls. It’s about quality, not quantity.

I’ll be joining in on the $25 monthly makeup challenge each month.  Who can refuse extra makeup? I know I can’t!

Spa Django ring

I have wanted a thumb ring for some time now but haven’t found the perfect ring yet.  When I saw this ring at the Spa Django, I knew that was exactly what I wanted.  I tried on all of the rings in the basket and had almost given up finding one that would fit on my thumb.  Thankfully, the very last ring that I tried on fit perfectly!

See how you can build a quality make up kit with just $25 a month.  If you had $25 that you needed to spend on beauty or fashion, what would you buy? Is there a certain brand you have really wanted to try or a new eye shadow or nail polish color that you have really wanted to add to your collection?

Don’t forget to link up with us each month as we share our Make Me Up For $25 Challenge with you!

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  1. that looks pretty. I have never considered a thumb ring before.

  2. Beautiful ring!

  3. Anonymous says

    That is a flattering ring -what are the flowers are you holding?
    marge parge

  4. Ooh this challenge sounds interesting… How’s it going?