How to Make Fall Fashion Pop

Last Updated on August 16, 2022 by Ellen Christian

Fall has definitely arrived in Vermont and we have a freeze warning over the next 2 days. That means that it is time to put away the shorts and the short sleeved shirts and start bringing out some of my favorite fall fashion pieces. Just because summer is over is no reason to lose all the fun in your wardrobe. You can really make fall fashion pop with these tips. 

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How to make fall fashion pop


How to Make Fall Fashion Pop

There are gorgeous fall colors that you can accent your wardrobe with. My favorite base colors are navy, brown, black and grey.  They work wonderfully for fall but if I don’t add some color, the look just doesn’t pop.  When I add pops of color to my outfits, I generally do it with accessories.  That way I can create several different looks with the same base colors.

Favorite fall fashions

There are many different accessories you can use to jazz up your favorite fall fashions:

  • Jewelry – Necklace, bracelet, earrings, watch, pin
  • Shoes – Boots, pumps, wedges, flats, clogs
  • Bags – Handbag, backpack, diaper bag, phone case, brief case, laptop skin
  • Accessories – Belts, scarves, hats, gloves
  • Glasses – Eye glasses, sunglasses


I love changing the colors I wear with the seasons. The pastels and summer colors are getting packed away and I’m starting to bring out emerald green, cranberry, eggplant and gold. The flip flops and sandals get packed away and my favorite boots and clogs are going to be worn more often.

I can change the color of my glasses with the seasons as well.  I found some gorgeous glasses in my favorite fall colors that are perfect to accessorize any outfit. The affordable, stylish and trendy fashion frames from VSP Direct can help make Fall fashion pop.

Thankfully, my eyewear is a fashion item that I can get insurance for. The right frames can complete any look. Lenses, frames and designer glasses can cost hundreds of dollars. With insurance, I can afford to have several pairs of designer glasses to work with.

Did you know that you can complete your favorite fall outfit and “insure” your look with affordable individual vision care insurance from VSP Direct? They have plans that start under $17 a month. It doesn’t get much more affordable than that.

25 thoughts on “How to Make Fall Fashion Pop”

  1. Since I wear contacts during the day, I wouldn’t choose to wear glasses over top of them.  However, my daughter picks up old glasses at yard sales, pops out the lenses, and wears them for fashion!

  2. I love the suggestion of using the colors of fall to accent our wardrobe! They are such beautiful colors..I always just think anything warm but now I have some ideas for accents!

  3. I agree, without accessorizing, your wardrobe could look plain. Changing your glasses really do help in adding a little Change. I like adding color with my shoes, bags and jewelry. Also, a pretty jacket with some color adds some flavor to your wardrobe. Thank you!


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