Best Luxury Mattress Brand

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If you’re looking for a luxury mattress brand, you may be confused by all of the different brands. What makes a luxury mattress and which features are most important for a good night’s sleep? 

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Best Luxury Mattress Brand with Premium Support

Luxury Mattress Brand

After all, you want both a mattress that will provide an amazing night’s sleep and one that will last for many years.

So, what makes a luxury mattress brand stand out from all the rest? At the very least, a luxury mattress should provide a better night’s sleep than other brands. That’s what mattresses are for, for a good night’s sleep. Here are a few things to consider when you’re looking for the best luxury mattress in the world.


As I mentioned, finding a mattress with good support can make all of the difference in the quality of your sleep. You will need to find a mattress that has great support for a variety of sleeping positions. You’ll also want to consider motion transfer. When your partner tosses and turns all night long, you don’t want to be woken up every time they turn over or get up out of bed.


After support, comfort is one of the most important things to consider. You want to feel like your sinking down into the clouds when you get into bed. There should be an adequate support while your body is surrounded with comfort. Many people look for memory foam toppers for this exact reason. You’ll also want to consider the denseness of the coils in our mattress. More coils often mean more support and better comfort.

Best Luxury Mattress Brand with Premium Support

Fabric cover

Surrounding your mattress coils and topper is a fabric cover. The cover on a traditional mattress is often made from polyester or a polyester blend. A luxury mattress will often offer a combination of silk, cotton or cashmere for added softness and breathability. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night sticking to their mattress cover on a hot evening.


For me, when I shop, I take into consideration how eco-friendly the product is. I consider things like what materials the mattress is made from and what type of added chemicals might be coming into my home and affecting my family. I look for a mattress with low VOCs with no phthalates, PBDEs, TDCPP, mercury or lead.

Set up

Dragging a mattress inside and up a flight of stairs to position it on my bed is not my idea of a fun time. I want to purchase my mattress from a company that will take care of delivery and set up. My preference is to purchase white glove support so someone else can take care of details like that for me. High end mattress brands will provide this service for you.

Best Luxury Mattress Brand with Premium Support

DreamCloud Mattresses

DreamCloud is designed for people who refuse to compromise on sleep: the one aspect of their lives that affects everything else. They use multiple layers of high-quality memory foam combine to cradle and support your front, back, or side sleeping habits. DreamCloud’s 5-zone pocket coil system provides targeted support while protecting your sleep from all disturbances. The cooling support directly under the breathable topper means you’ll never wake up hot and uncomfortable. These features mean that this is one of the best mattress brands out there.

DreamCloud’s heavenly hand-tufted EuroTop is the perfect combination of softness and breathability. And, DreamCloud is made of top quality materials. Low VOC with no phthalates, PBDEs, TDCPP, mercury or lead. It is the only luxury hybrid mattress handcrafted with a TrueTufted™ Cashmere Blend topper.

You deserve a relaxing evening.

With their optional White Glove Service, 365-Night Trial, and best-in-class Everlong Warranty, you can let them take care of all of the details that usually go along with finding, purchasing, trying out and future-proofing a mattress including delivery, set up and removal of your old mattress.

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