Long Lasting Liquid Lip Color

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Long lasting liquid lip color is a must in my life.  I really don’t like the way that lipstick feels on my lips so I tend to go with lip gloss.  Unfortunately, most lip gloss doesn’t stay around for that long. I find myself reapplying my lip gloss numerous times throughout the day.  My son gives me weird looks each time I reapply my lip gloss at a stop light but a woman has to do what a woman has to do.

Long Lasting Liquid Lip Color Lexie Bear-y LipSense

Long Lasting Liquid Lip Color

I recently had a chance to try the long lasting liquid lip color from Senegence. Lipsense from Senegence can last from 4 to twelve hours with just one application. How long it stays on depends on your body chemistry, as the pH of your body is what breaks it down. With each day that passes, the color will last longer on your lips. One tube of LipSense will last approximately as long as it takes you to go through 3 tubes of wax lipstick.

I received the Lexie Bear-y LipSense. This color was inspired by the memory of Independent Distributor Cindy Watson’s memory of her daughter. Lexie loved bears and her favorite stuffed animal. She passed away at the age of 7 but left behind a legacy of beauty and innocence. Cindy passes on that beauty to you with this gorgeous, irridescent fuchsia-berry long-lasting lip color.

Long Lasting Liquid Lip Color Lexie Bear-y LipSense

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Lexie Bear-y LipSense will be donated through the MakeSense Foundation assist national children’s health organizations to gain improved understanding, prevention, treatment and care of childhood diseases.

You apply LipSense to clean, dry lips. You can layer on up to three layers for lasting results. Unlike other glosses, you don’t swipe the wand back and forth to apply. You start at one end and go to the other, letting each layer dry about five seconds before applying the next.  You finish with the LipSense Gloss that you can get in glossy, matte or shimmering. I used the Glossy in my photo. The glosses contain shea butter to help improve the condition of your lips and the longevity of LipSense. If you make mistakes, there is an Ooops! Remover that will remove the color where you didn’t intend it to be.

If you’re looking for long lasting liquid lip color, I definitely recommend Lexie Bear-y LipSense.  I got a good four hours from one application and I’m sure I will get even more as I continue to wear it.


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  1. It’s a beautiful color on you. That’s wonderful that it lasts so long at first application and will adjust to your body’s ph

  2. That color is FAB!! Plus, I’d do anything to find a longer-lasting lip color/gloss. I barely use it because it doesn’t last long enough!

  3. Great coverage cosmetics and a great cause- it’s a win/win! I love that color it’s very feminine but not too dressed up!

  4. This would be great for me.  I apply my lip color after dropping off the kids at school (gotta be able to kiss ’em goodbye) and forget to put it on again throughout the day.  The fact that there’s an Ooops is a good thing, too.

  5. I have never heard of this brand before but I am a lip glossaholic! Forever on the hunt for the perfect one. Love the color on you ~ so pretty!

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