Get Healthy Summer Nails

Last Updated on August 4, 2021 by Ellen Christian

Can you have healthy summer nails? Sun, chlorine and nail polish can all take their toll on your nails. But, that doesn’t have to mean your nails can’t stay in good shape during the summer with proper nail care.  With all of the summer entertaining that you’re involved in, I know you’ll want your nails to be in tip top shape. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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Get Healthy Summer Nails With These Simple Tips

Get Healthy Summer Nails

I like my nails to look their best at all times but nail care is a lot harder to do in the summer. I work outside in the garden, am more active in sports and exercise, and do work around the house. All of that ends up breaking my nails, tearing my cuticles, and leaving my nails less than healthy.

Wear gloves

The most obvious solution to protecting your nails and your cuticles is to wear gloves when there’s a chance they’ll be damaged. That means that before you head into the garden or you start scrubbing the bathroom, put on gloves.

Use sunscreen

Yes, you read that right. Your nails should be protected by sunscreen just like your hands. When you’re applying sunscreen, work it into your nail bed and cuticles. Your cuticles help seal the nail bed and it’s important to keep them healthy.

Get Healthy Summer Nails With These Simple Tips

Coat your nails

You can protect your nails from the elements and chlorine by protecting them with a base coat. High salt and moisture content can cause your nails to split. Try a few cute summer nail designs. I always look for summer nail colors for pale skin, but if you tan easily you can look for bolder colors.

Skip the acetone

Traditional nail polish remover contains acetone which is very damaging to your nails. Look for nail polish that can be removed with a non-acetone based remover for healthier nails.

Give it a rest

Your nails need a break from polish occasionally so give them a break. Don’t polish your nails every single day. If your nails are already brittle and dry, dermatologists recommend skipping the nail polish for 3 months to allow them to heal.

Your nails can look beautifully manicured on the surface and still be unhealthy. It’s important to care for them properly. Considering taking a Biotin supplement to encourage healthy nail growth.

How do you get healthy summer nails? If you struggle with biting your nails, make sure you address this habit now.

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  1. ohhh…what gorgeous nails. can my nails really look so great? I wish my nails looked so beautiful. Gorgeous nails and beautiful hair can make you feel so confident. I am working on my summer nails starting today. Thanks.


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