How to Wear Ankle Boots in the Spring

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Do you know how to wear ankle boots in the spring? Or do you think that ankle boots are only for the fall and winter? Check out these tips.

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a woman wearing ankle boots with shorts

How to Wear Ankle Boots in the Spring

One of the hottest trends in footwear is ankle boots or ankle booties depending on your preference. Tall winter boots or riding boots don’t match the lighter spring fashions.

But, an ankle boot is versatile enough to take you straight through spring and even at the beginning of summer with the right outfit.

I like to have ankle boots in a variety of colors so that I can wear spring booties with many different outfits. Try open toe boots show off your latest pedicure or fringed for a boho look.

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Ankle boots with shorts

Depending on how quickly it warms up in your area, you could certainly show off those ankle boots with a cute pair of shorts.

ankle boots and white pants

Ankle boots and white pants

With white to celebrate spring. Don’t let that adage of never wearing spring before Memorial Day stop you. Ankle boots look adorable with spring whites! 

a woman wearing demin and ankle boots

Skinny jeans or leggings

With your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Skinny jeans and ankle boots are my favorite fashion trend.

You can pair a lightweight spring shirt with your jeans or, if it’s still cold in your area, you can add your favorite leather jacket for an edgy look.

Make sure that you roll up your skinny jeans to show off your ankle boots if your jeans are too long.

a woman wearing ankle boots with a dress

Wear ankle boots with a dress

You can pair the right pair of ankle boots with your favorite dress and still look stylish. If the weather is still cold, you can match your ankle booties with a maxi dress instead of a shorter dress. Add an extra layer of tights for a genuinely chilly day.

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  1. I don’t own any ankle boots so I can’t say that I have experience in pairing them with any fashion – spring, fall or winter. I have such skinny ankles that I always figured they would look too heavy on me. That’s the beauty of fashion and style – there is something for everyone.


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