How to Tame Unruly Brows

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I’ve always hated my eyebrows but I’ve never been exactly sure how to deal with them. Tweeze, wax, thread, pencil, mousse? There are so many options. Learning how to tame unruly brows is the first step to create perfectly shaped brows. How to tweeze unruly brows

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How to Tame Unruly Brows

Unruly brows can distract from your appearance. Take it from me. Regular attention to your brows is much easier than letting them get unruly in the first place. Chances are that most of the put together women you admire aren’t actually blessed with perfect brows. They take time daily to keep them that way.

  • Find your natural arch. We all have an area on our brows where they should arch naturally.  Place the handle of a pencil or makeup brush against your cheek. Move it diagonally so it goes from your nose to the outside of your iris. Basically, you are making a triangle with your brow, nose and the handle as the three sides.  The placement of the handle indicates where the highest portion of your brow should be. Tweeze and pluck around that area to define it.

How to tame unruly brows

  • Tweeze daily. Once your brows are shaped, spend just 30 seconds a day tweezing stray hairs from the area as soon as you see them. Grabbing the smallest and finest hairs can be a challenge. Choose a point tweezer that features ultra sharp pointed tips.
  • Shape and trim. Using brow-shaping scissors, trim any hairs that stick up or curl at odd angles and brush as you trim.
  • Mousse them. For brows that just won’t stay put, try a brow mousse which will help them stay put all day.

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How to tame unruly brows

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  1. Do you know, I never touched my eye brows until I had teens?! It was my oldest daughter who taught me how to shape my eye brows…but I’m still not very good about it. It makes such a difference to the look of my face!


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