Help Your Husband Dress for an Interview

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Do you need to know how to help your husband dress for an interview? There are some men that are able to put together a great interview outfit without any help from their wives at all. My husband is not one of those men. Actually, my son isn’t one of those men either so maybe it’s an inherited trait that just skipped my family completely. If your husband regularly turns to you for clothing advice for important events, keep reading. I will be sharing a few of my favorite style tips to help put together an interview look that will help your husband or son look both stylish and professional. Of course, everyone has their own individual sense of style, but deciding what to wear for a job interview isn’t nearly as difficult as you think it is. This post is brought to you by Frank & Oak.

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How to Help Your Husband Dress for an Interview
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How to Help Your Husband Dress for an Interview

In addition to dressing for an interview, you may need to remind your husband or son that they need a hair cut. Pay attention to sideburns, mustache, ear hair, and even trimming and filing their nails if that’s an issue. If your husband is up for it, suggest a manicure for any trouble spots.

  • Dress up. Dress one or two levels above the job they’re hoping to get. They wouldn’t wear stained jeans to an interview for a mechanic’s job just because that’s how they’d dress for the job once they have it. Try khaki pants, a dress shirt, and even a casual dress jacket instead.
  • Conservative is often best. There will be time to wear your favorite rock band tie once you have the job. The interview isn’t the right place. Consider a long sleeve shirt to cover a tattoo if that’s an issue and go for classic power colors like navy, dark gray, or black.
  • Watch the aftershave or cologne. You don’t want to overpower the interviewer. Use fragrances with a very light touch if you plan on using them.
  • Accessories matter. Pay attention to the little details like your shoes and belt. Be certain they’re in good condition. Choose solid dark socks or those with a small, conservative print. Wear little or no jewelry.

Wearing the right colors and styles can help show off your confidence and your professionalism. Those are both valuable traits and ones that interviewers often look for. You can find the styles to give you that confidence at Frank & Oak.

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  1. I agree with the going light on cologne. Some people have allergies to strong scents. Wouldn’t it stink if the person interviewing you did?


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