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Last Updated on April 11, 2021 by Ellen Christian

When Sarah18 was little, I remember that she wanted nothing to do with make up. She swore up and down that they day would never come that she would have any desire to put on make up, wear a dress or polish her nails. She was against all things girly including the glam looks. She held to that belief through her early teens but somewhere around 15 or 16, she started to take a little bit more interested in the make up aspect of it all although her color choices all seemed to be black. Thankfully, around 17, she outgrew the black stage and started to experiment with other colors.

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I haven’t always agreed with her color choices. Have I mentioned she came home with red hair a few days ago? But for the most part, the looks she chooses are stunning. Teens tend to choose a different palette of colors than those of us with a few more years under our belt. While I love splashes of color, my overall look tends to be a bit less vibrant. Sarah18 on the other hand would be happy to be covered in a riot of colors from head to toe.

Essence Cosmetics is a European based cosmetic company that offers the bold, fun colors that teens are looking for whether they want the perfect prom look or just to accent their every day style.  The colors are vibrant and bright and definitely fun.  Essence Cosmetics can be purchased at your local Ulta. I love the color choices from Essence and I love that the prices are so reasonable.  It’s very easy to purchase a huge selection of color choices and still stay within budget. Their cosmetics have fun names too like Let’s Get Lost nail polish which is a vibrant blue or Berlin Rocks gel eyeliner which is a bright purple.

This is definitely a fun brand for teens and very affordable for their budget.  We don’t have an Ulta nearby unfortunately but I will have to look for these the next time we’re in the big city.

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  1. It is hard to get old. It seems some colors just make us look bad now matter how they are applied. Also if you are a blonde the colors can’t be so bold. When I was a brunette most colors were ok. Now that I am blonde now I have to be careful of my choices. Rita Spratlen

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