Easy Ways to Glam Up Your Looks

Last Updated on February 6, 2021 by Ellen Christian

I don’t get dressed up that often but when I do, I want easy ways to glam up your looks. While I would love to escape for the afternoon to a spa or have a makeover, that probably won’t be happening soon. With the holidays right around the corner, I’ve been searching for a few easy tips to share with you. 

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Easy ways to glam up your looks

Easy Ways to Glam Up Your Looks

There are easy ways to glam up your looks for any holiday parties you might be attending this year. These simple tips are achievable by just about anyone at any budget. Trust me when I say that if I can do it, you can too.

  • Invest in a little black dress. Or a little blue dress. Just be certain that you have one dress that won’t go out of style quickly that you look really good in. Then buy two or three of the same dress, just in case.
  • Add some jewelry. While I love gold and silver, most metals have a base of nickel which I’m allergic to. Instead, I choose costume jewelry or semi-precious stones to minimize the metal contact.
  • Go with patent leather. I love patent leather because it shines more than traditional leather. Adding a patent leather bag or shoes is a great way to add a bit of glam to your outfit.
  • Glitter is always in style. I adore glitter and while I may not cover myself head to toe in glitter, I’m all about the shoes. These gorgeous gold glitter shoes are just the thing to glam up your looks.
  • Step up your makeup. Adding glittery eyeshadow and sparkly nail polish is one of the easiest ways to add a bit of glam to your holiday outfit.

Easy ways to glam up your looks

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How to add glam to your looks

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  1. Lovely dress. I like to purchase several items that I can mix and match with a dark colored skirt or slacks. I even like dark gray layers with red or a bit of sparkle. Happy Holidays!

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