Comfortable Fashions for Fall Adventures

Last Updated on January 4, 2021 by Ellen Christian

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It seems like fall arrived overnight and all of a sudden the leaves are changing colors and the temperatures have dropped to the 60s during the day. I’m not looking forward to winter but I am enjoying the cooler weather while it’s here. I love walking in the woods behind our house because it’s so quiet and peaceful. 

Comfortable Fashions for Fall Adventures

Comfortable Fashions for Fall Adventures

I’m not a slave to fashion, but I enjoy looking good. At the beginning of each season, I look through my closet and decide what needs to be upgraded and what I can use for one more year. I usually need to replace a pair of jeans, a few shirts and at least one pair of shoes. I choose classic but comfortable styles that let me look AND feel good.

Here are a few things that I look for when adding clothes and accessories to my wardrobe.

Comfortable Fashions for Fall Adventures


I’m 49 and I like to think that I look pretty good for my age. Like most women who have reached that age, there are a few areas of my body I’d prefer not to draw attention to. I insist on shirts that don’t ride up and ones that adequately cover my hips like this one from Cents of Style. I always look for pants that hold their shape. There is nothing less flattering than a saggy butt. Today I’m wearing Riders by Lee Jeggings made with Bounce Back Denim. The fit is amazing while still managing to be super comfortable and retaining its shape all day. I’m in love with these jeggings because they can easily be dressed up or down depending on what you’re wearing. But, you can also find the Bounce Back Denim in Boot Cut, Skinny Jean, and Slim Straight. So, whatever your jean preference, check them out. You can find these at retailers like Walmart.

Comfortable Fashions for Fall Adventures


I want to look good and feel great every day. That’s my goal at 49.  You won’t find me in stiletto heels, with false eyelashes or with low cut tops. It’s not who I am, and I don’t feel comfortable when I’m dressed that way. Some people can totally rock that look. I’m not one of them. I tend to live in jeans (or jeggings like these), casual tops and comfortable shoes like these Mist shoes from Hotter. I love the cushioned footbed. They are made of a soft natural leather and are a Gore-Tex product so they are guaranteed to keep you dry. Wet feet when you’re walking in the woods is no fun at all. These have great arch support which is vital when you walk. I’m wearing the cinder/flint color but you can also get them in black or smoke/limestone.

Comfortable Fashions for Fall Adventures


I like accessories, but I tend to stick to a few favorites rather than having a jewelry box full of things that I never wear. You will almost always find me wearing my Fitbit Alta because it reminds me to keep moving. Lately, I’ve been wearing this cute Schneblies frog necklace because I love what it stands for.

Comfortable Fashions for Fall Adventures

Shop my look:

Riders by Lee Jeggings with Bounce Back Denim

Life is Tough Shirt

Mist Shoes by Hotter

Schneblies Frog Necklace

Fitbit Alta


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  1. That color purple is beautiful on you. I am also all about comfort at this point in my life. One can still look nice while not worrying about tight toes or waistbands. I wear what suits me not the fashion of the moment.

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