5 College Girl Care Package Ideas

Last Updated on April 9, 2022 by Ellen Christian

Check out these fun college girl care package ideas! I remember the first year that my daughter was in college. It was such an eye-opening experience for both of us. Being more independent is both a good and bad thing when you’re first learning. As a parent, you want to be there for them without smothering them. Finding that balance can take some time and experimentation.

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5 College Girl Care Package Ideas

5 College Girl Care Package Ideas

The first few months away from home can be challenging for both parents and children. To make the process a little bit smoother, it’s always fun to send along a care package full of things your child might appreciate while they’re on their own. While every person is different, here a few college girl care package ideas that will get you started.

Fun Socks

Add a few pairs of unique socks, a moisturizing foot lotion, and a pedicure kit so she can splurge and spoil herself one evening. Whether you choose yoga toe socks, ankle socks or warm wool socks for hiking will depend on what your child is interested in. I’m partial to these cute dog socks myself.

College girl care package ideas she'll love

Healthy Snacks

Your child is probably not making the best healthy food choices while they’re away at school. My daughter tended to live on pizza, soda, and coffee for the first few months. I’m sure she’d appreciate some healthy snacks. My daughter loves these gluten free snacks.

Beauty Box

Who isn’t cheered up by a box full of their favorite beauty supplies? I love it when I get samples of my favorite products in the mail. I like the Beauty Box 5 subscription box because they have some of my favorite Korean beauty brands that can be hard to find where I live.

College girl care package ideas she'll love

Movie Night

If you don’t want to send a physical box of products to your child, you can always enroll them in a digital video package and load a few dollars on their favorite grocery store gift card so they can stock up on popcorn and flavored waters. You can try Shudder for horror movies or try Lifetime Movies for romance and drama.

Make Your Own

If you’d rather, you can always make your care package of your favorite products. Add a few favorite books, a gift card to the local restaurant, extra minutes for her cell phone, and a bouquet of fresh flowers.

What are your favorite care package items to send?

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