Mojo Aromatherapy Wristband

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This aromatherapy wristband is a great way to take your favorite essential oil scents on the go. I’ve written many times about how much I love my essential oils. I use them regularly at home and in my car. While I’ve used aromatherapy bracelets in the past, they haven’t always been convenient to wear.

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Mojo Aromatherapy Wristband from Aravinda

Aromatherapy Wristband

MOJO is a motivational bracelet that combines aromatherapy and color therapy in a slap bracelet. MOJO uses a unique super absorbent microfiber material that captures your essential oil and diffuses it around you throughout the day.

The MOJO aromatherapy wristband has a waterproof neoprene layer that avoids contact with your skin, preventing any irritation that some highly concentrated oils might cause.

Mojo Aromatherapy Wristband from Aravinda

Color Therapy

Aravinda incorporated color therapy principals into the MOJO bracelets to balance the body’s energy centers and enhance the aromatherapy.

  • The Blue MOJO bracelet calms and soothes.
  • The Orange MOJO bracelet unlocks your inner potential
  • The Green MOJO bracelet provides inspiration.
  • The Violet MOJO bracelet inspires union with higher self.

To use:

To use, you just apply one to two drops of your preferred essential oil to the wristband and enjoy all day long.

My thoughts:

I love how easy it is to use these wristbands. You really do slap them on your wrist just like the slap bands that are popular with the kids. The bracelet fits snugly and securely while still being very comfortable. I wore mine all day and it never came loose once. This is a very simple way to take your favorite aromatherapy oil with you everywhere you go.

Mojo Aromatherapy Wristband from Aravinda

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