Affordable Fashion Make Up 50% Discount

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Affordable Fashion Make Up
Pretty N Pink, Smoky (not shown), Natural, True Blue


Affordable Fashion Make Up

Affordable fashion make up is a necessity for any mom of a teenage girl.  My daughter loves make up.  While I tend to create the same look with my make up each day, she loves changing her looks based on what she’s wearing, where she’s going, the seasons, the holidays and who knows what else.  She wants to be able to have dozens of different shades of eye shadow, lip gloss, and eyeliner to create different looks.

Affordable Fashion Make Up

I love knowing that I can find affordable fashion make up so she can create the look she wants.  I recently learned about a new site to find affordable fashion make up.  I received a Natural Shadow Palette of eye shadow from them.  This eye shadow palette contains five different shades of eye shadow and an double applicator eye shadow brush.

The eye shadows included are three mineral shadows (bronze, cocoa, nude) and two gel glitters (gold and crystal).   The palette is only $8.75 which is a great deal for five different shadows. BUT, it gets better! If you use the the special code I have, you can receive a Promo Price of $4.37. Enter Code BBSMOKY

Disclosure: Product sample provided at no charge. Opinions are mine and mine alone.

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