6 Reasons Not To Wear Flip Flops

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There are two places that flip flops belong: the shower room at the pool and the beach. Unless you’re heading to one of those places, feel free to leave the flip flops at home and choose another pair of shoes.

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6 reasons not to wear flip flops

Reasons Not To Wear Flip Flops

Flip flops became popular in the United States in the early 1970s. They got their name from the noise the flip flops make when you walk in them. They’re typically made from plastic with a flat sole and a strap between the two largest toes in the shape of a Y that goes to the sides. Besides the fact that they are a fashion faux pas for most outfits, there are many other reasons not to wear flip flops.

  • Your feet are exposed to bacteria and fungi. Flip flops do nothing to protect your feet from dirt, bacteria and fungi. Next time you wear your flip flops to store, come home and look at the bottom of your foot. It’s black. Who knows what’s in that?
  • It’s hard to be graceful. Have you ever tried to be graceful in flip flops? How about just walking normally and not losing a shoe or falling down? Remember the drunk guy at Coachella?
  • They’re bad for your feet. Walking on a completely flat surface with no support is very bad for your feet. As someone with heel spurs, this isn’t something to take lightly.
  • They can be made of toxic material. Most flip flops – especially the ones you find for $5 or less – are made of plastic that contains BPA which is a toxin that’s been linked to several cancers.
  • They impact your posture. Shoes need to bend naturally with your step and your foot. Flip flops don’t do that and the result can be poor posture. Slouching is not attractive.
  • Blisters and bunions. Flip flops can cause blisters and make bunions worse. They can also result in a condition called hammer toe.

Flip flops may seem like the perfect choice for summer because they’re inexpensive and come in such a wide range of colors. While that may be true, the risks aren’t worth the cost savings. You can buy a cute pair of strappy sandals or slides for summer just as well.

6 Reasons not to wear flip flops this summer

4 thoughts on “6 Reasons Not To Wear Flip Flops”

  1. At one time in Indiana drivers were not allowed to wear these while driving because if they were wet then they could slide off the pedal.  I don’t like wearing them in Florida as they scoop up the sand and brings it in.  I am guilty of wearing them as house shoes though.  You are probably very correct in that they pose as a health risk to your feet and to posture.

  2. I agree they’re bad for my back because I have to think about keeping them on/them not sliding off a lot of the time. I really do need more support and secure straps. But they’re definitely easy just to throw on if you’re just headed down to the pool. 


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