Whirl-a-Style Hairdressing Tools

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Sarah18 has beautiful long hair that she generally wears straight or in a rather messy pony tail. When she gets dressed up to go on a date or to an event, she really wants to do something different with her hair but she’s not looking to spend a ton of time mastering new hairstyles. She wants something easy that looks like she spent more time on it than she actually does.

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Whirl-A-Style makes five different hair stylers that allow the hair to be pulled back in a twist or bun without the use of bobby pins or claw clips. It’s unique design means that it doesn’t pull or tug on the hair at all. It’s made from a synthetic rubber that holds your hair without tangling.  Because it comes in a variety of sizes, you can do a bunch of different styles from a classic bun with the largest style to smaller knots and twists with the smallest style.

The Whirl-A-Style is available in Apricot, Emerald, Lavender, Mint, Light Pink, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Silver, Copper, Cream and Black!

Sarah18 found these very easy to use and was able to put her hair up in a bun and then experiment with some cute knots as well.  Each package has some suggestions for different styles along with more styles with directions inside the package so you can play around with finding a look that works for you. This is a fantastic stocking stuffer!

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