What comes first, the chicken or the egg (or the bag or the shoes in this case)?

Last Updated on December 29, 2017 by Ellen Christian

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I’m a huge bargain shopper when it comes to clothes. Bargain shoppers don’t necessarily shop the same way traditional shoppers shop. I don’t go to the store searching for an outfit. I don’t generally go to the store looking for a certain item of clothing. I just go to the store searching for a bargain and take it from there.

Because I’m searching for a bargain, I keep my eyes open for whatever a good deal is. It may be an amazing pair of Liz Clairborne shoes. It may be a gorgeous Michael Kors skirt. Whatever it is, I know what it is when I see it and when I do, I bring it home. Just because I bring it home doesn’t necessarily mean I have something to go with it. It means that I’ve fallen in love with it and must have it.

I’ll find something to wear with it eventually but for now, I bring it home and add it to my ever growing collection of things I love. This generally results in my husband’s comment of “What are you gong to wear that with?” Thankfully, he’s a very understanding husband because my response is generally “I have no idea.”

So here’s a sneak look at some of the items I’ve recently found and fallen in love with but not yet worn. Part of my problem stems from the fact that none of these pieces necessarily goes with each other or anything else in my wardrobe right now. I’m going to have to fix that. I feel another shopping trip coming one!

Half of this came from TJ Maxx and the other from a local boutique consignment store that has some really amazing name brands. I saw an unbelievably gorgeous little black miniskirt by Michael Kors and it was only with great amounts of willpower that I didn’t buy it. It still had TAGS on it and it was only $12! Unfortunately, my 44 year old body does not wear a mini skirt at least I don’t think it does. I haven’t tried one on since I lost 40 pounds but still.. the thought of a 44 year old woman in a mini skirt just doesn’t work for me.

Do you have an outfit in mind when you shop? Or do you pick up random pieces when you are inspired by them? Stay tuned for some of these pieces to show up soon in an outfit!

3 thoughts on “What comes first, the chicken or the egg (or the bag or the shoes in this case)?”

  1. Love it! Right now I’m just a “I need something new that fits” type of shopper. When I am more comfortable in size though I’m a shop for fun and find things I don’t really need type shopper. I’m anxious to try consignment shops eventually too and find some good deals!

  2. I tend to buy one item and then get home and discover that I should have found the right shoes or blazer or pants to with it while I was there.

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