Today I am going to be a princess or maybe a race car driver?

Last Updated on October 18, 2021 by Ellen Christian

In the real world, I’m a mom. I’m probably like a thousand other moms out there and my job doesn’t come with a fancy dress or a magic wand or even a really cool hat with a badge. Most of the time, it just comes with a bunch of responsibility and a pile of dirty laundry.

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Halloween is the one day a year when moms can forget who they really are and try on a different hat or two. Maybe you’d like to be a fairy princess with wings and a magic wand so you can zap that laundry into oblivion – or maybe turn your husband into a frog if you’re having one of those days. Maybe you’d rather put on some 70s style fancy dress and pretend you’re Austin Powers instead?

Today I really wish I could turn the clock back to the 80s and pretend I’m in high school again. I’ve been checking out the 80s costume ideas and boy does that bring back those memories of big hair and leg warmers! Remember those see through mesh tops?

Maybe you’d just like to forget about all your responsibilities for a few hours and spend some time looking for sexy costumes for you and hubby to wear to your next Halloween Party? I think I want to be a mermaid or maybe a gypsy… no I know.. I want to be a pirate! Well maybe I will be… once the laundry is done.

Who are you going to be for Halloween this year?

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