Support Domestic Violence Awareness

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I’m sharing this information to help support domestic violence awareness. I received a thank you gift for sharing this with you.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. m.powerment by mark is mark’s philanthropic initiative.  It is dedicated to breaking the cycle of dating abuse and partner violence.  I am so glad that mark is involved in encouraging people to support domestic violence awareness.  The initiative was launched in 2008 and is continuing today to raise money to help education and prevention programs related to this topic across the country.

support domestic violence awareness
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Support Domestic Violence Awareness

mark is proud to have Brand Ambassador Lucy Hale supporting m.powerment and domestic violence awareness. She recently stared a Public Service Announcement to raise awareness for thus cause. You can view the video and learn more about the campaign here.

Lucy Hale’s Public Service Awareness announcement:

To further support domestic violence awareness, mark offers m.powerment products.  When you purchase these products, 100% of the net proceeds from each item sold are donated to the m.powerment fund.

support domestic violence awareness
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Those items that support domestic violence awareness include:

  • m.powerment Gift Set $24 (that features an exclusive Lipclick shade, m.powerment Petal and a special compact mirror)
  • Power of Change Necklace $28

Other ways to support domestic violence awareness include speaking out on the topic.  Many local colleges have initiatives and programs that encourage peer educators to speak on this topic.  Awareness by our young women and young men is the first step to stopping this horrible problem. Visit, a website that provides free legal information and online support to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Talk to your tweens and teens about the problem – both your sons and your daughters. They need to understand that dating violence is not acceptable and they need to know it is not their fault it happens if they are a victim.

How can you support domestic violence awareness?


10 thoughts on “Support Domestic Violence Awareness”

  1. It’s a frightening topic. I have talked to my nieces telling that they do not have to take any kind of abuse – physical or verbal from their boyfriends. It’s important that young girls know that they don’t need a boy to be whole. They need to learn from my mistakes, that’s for sure.

  2. I am so glad that people are starting to promote the end of domestic violence and starting to educate more about it. I love that companies have really come forward to help.

  3. I think it’s great that people are starting to speak up about domestic violence, and that it is not OK. Now if we can get the message out that men are abused too…. Domestic violence is human violence and comes in many forms, and it is never acceptable no matter your race, gender, or social status. I think it’s great .mark is raising awareness.

  4. this is such an important topic. It should be discussed with our teens as soon as they start dating so they know how they SHOULD be treated.

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