How to Use the Styled by Trendage App for Virtual Looks

Last Updated on December 29, 2017 by Ellen Christian

Have you ever tried the Styled by Trendage App? I love experimenting with new looks but I want to see a preview before I really commit to it. Have you ever thought you’d look great in short hair only to realize that you really don’t (after it’s been cute)? Or maybe you ordered that glittery dress you thought would be flattering online only to try it on and realize you are not a glitter girl? This post has been sponsoredThis post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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Download the app to get started!

How to Use the Styled by Trendage App for Virtual Looks

Styled by Trendage App

“Styled by Trendage” is a new fashion & hairstyles app that lets you see outfits from head to toe on yourself featuring clothing, accessories, and footwear from leading brands & stores like Bloomingdale’s, Rent the Runway, and Topshop.

You can see the latest dresses and styles on yourself from leading stores! Styled by Trendage lets you easily create your body with just a selfie or you can pick from a picture from your phone. Plus, you can instantly see hairstyles on yourself without having to go to a salon. And, they are adding hundreds of new dresses & styles every week!

How to Use the Styled by Trendage App for Virtual Looks

What’s next

So, now that I have your interest, this is how you use the app.

  • First, download the app. You need to have an iPhone to use it.
  • Create an account.
  • Select a photo from your phone or take a selfie. Make sure you have good lighting.
  • Then you can pick a hair style. There are lots to choose from – short and long – straight and wavy.
  • Select a body – or create one if you prefer. You can change inseam, weight, height, shoulder width, skin tone, etc.
  • Once you’re happy with your look, save your body.
  • Then scroll through the different outfits to see how you look.
  • You can save the looks that you like and even share them on social media if you want.

My thoughts:

I love how easy the app is to use. I want to experiment more with different photos. I used one that I had on my phone, and I think that the lighting could have been better.

How to Use the Styled by Trendage App for Virtual Looks

I learned what colors definitely don’t look good on me, and I learned that there are several types of black evening dresses I’m going to look for the next time I go shopping. I think I may try to grow my hair out a bit longer based on the images I saw the Styled by Trendage App. I really like the one that is more shoulder length.

Another thing that I really love about this app is that it lets you change the body image to an image that resembles YOUR body rather than a model’s body. There is nothing more frustrating than shopping and noticing that all of the models are stick thin. That’s not what I look like so I cannot imagine the outfit on me. With Styled by Trendage, I can try outfits on my body type.

If you’re considering a new look or just want to experiment with different style options, I think that you should download the app and try it. It’s free to download. The app is just like Cher’s Closet from Clueless the movie (1995) if you remember watching that.

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  1. What a novel app! I don’t have an iPhone but maybe some day. I could use a change of pace with my braided hair but it’s what I’m comfortable with right now. I know–get out of my comfort zone! Guess I need a push, lol. I love looking at clothes though. I tend to gravitate toward black since it just goes with everything. I know I’m not alone. I like the star black dress at the top of the post. I actually am a glitter girl and love the stars in clothes and jewelry.

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