Stila Cover Up Stick Review

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My make up routine is the same almost every morning.  First I use a primer.  Then I use a liquid or mineral powder foundation.  Then I follow up with a cover up stick to take care of anything that the primer and the foundation has missed.  Only after that do I move on to my eyes and lips.  When your skin is less than perfect, you tend to spend more time making sure that you haven’t missed anything. I feel self conscious when my complexion isn’t its best.

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Stila cover up stick review

Stila Cover Up Stick Review

The Stila Cover Up Stick is a non-oily, non-comedogenic matte concealer that blends perfectly into your skin. It provides medium coverage with a matte finish. This cover up stick neutralizes and camouflages blemishes, capillaries, and sunspots. It can be applied alone or over foundation depending on the amount of damage you need to cover. I find that it works best for me over a primer and foundation.

The Stila Cover Up Stick goes on fairly creamy and is easy to blend with your fingertip. It can be applied with a brush as well but I found my fingertip worked better to blend it in. It works well to cover redness from rosacea or acne scars but I didn’t find that it worked well for me to cover dark circles underneath my eyes. I got about 4 to 6 hours of coverage from this product before I needed to reapply a bit for touch ups. I do like that it has a lightweight feel and is not heavy or cakey.


I used the A shade and that was a perfect match for my very light skin. Shades go all the way up to E shade.  I like the stick form that it comes in. It’s the perfect size to toss in your handbag for on the go touch ups and much easier to apply than cover up in a pot. As a note, this cover up also worked well for me on my eyelids as a primer.  The shadow stayed on well and looked nice and bright.

Apothica has the Stila Cover Up Stick available right now for $20. They offer free shipping on order over $49.

13 thoughts on “Stila Cover Up Stick Review”

  1. I would love to try this cover up stick. I need something with a bit more coverage than what I currently have. It just doesn’t cover up what I need to cover up! And i love that it makes it look natural instead of painted on. 

  2. I like that you can manipulate the Stila stick with a brush for added coverage. I have Stila bronzers and blushes, that I use every day.

  3. My current routine is primer, light layer of Tarte Amazonia clay liquid foundation, then I follow with Tarte’s maracuja concealer where needed. To bring together the color I dust on some Bare minerals,(I mix 3 different shades to get the best color for me), Tarte’s Amazonian blusher, then Tarte’s finishing powder and finally eye/lip makeup. I’m really loving how all of Tarte’s products work so well together, and my skin is getting clearer since I’ve been using it. I literally have two blemishes, and they are easy to cover up. I just focus on discoloration now, and that’s fading too! I’ve been sporadically using Clinique’s spot fade, not sure if that’s contributing, but it tends to make me a bit oily so I go easy on it.


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