So Smitten by Tru Fragrance

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As you’re reconsidering your look for 2013, don’t forget to update your scent.  Sometimes, we use the same scent day after day without thinking about it.  It never hurts to try a new scent to update your style every now and then.

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So Smitten by Tru Fragrance

I always have my eyes open for a fun, flirty scent and 2013 isn’t going to change that. My favorite scents are soft and feminine and I’ve found a winner for you to try.

Tru Frgrance has combined with charming CHARLIE to create a new fragrance –  So Smitten. So Smitten combines the natural ingredients of bergamot and quince, and is infused with fresh white florals, traces of pink jasmine and a sheer veil of white musk.

It comes packaged in a glass bottle shaped like an orb and is topped with a cute blue crystal flower that gives this perfume a soft, feminine feel. So Smitten has a floral, fruity scent with just the tiniest hint of sandalwood. The end result is an intriguing, casual scent that will last a good four or five hours.

If you’re in the mood for something new, I highly recommend you try So Smitten.  Purchase it at charming CHARLIE stores across the country for only $29.97.

Tru Fragrance, a leading fragrance development company that manufactures, launches and markets private brand fragrances for retailers and specialty retailers worldwide, creates customized personal scents in the bath, body and skincare categories.

To learn more about Tru Fragrance and the Tru story behind the brand, visit or

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10 thoughts on “So Smitten by Tru Fragrance”

  1. The bottle is beautiful! I love Charming Charlies, we got one here recently and everyone just raves about it! I didn’t know that they carried perfume though, I will have to check into it.

  2. I’m running out of my current floral scent, and may have to head over to CC to give this a sniff! Normally, because it looks so “young”, I’d probably nit even try it, but it sounds sophisticated and worth looking at.

  3. I’ve never heard of Charming Charlies, but I’m certainly intrigued enough to look this up online. So Smitten is such a cute name, I be it’s light and flirty- would love to sample it!

  4. I had no idea that Charming Charlie’s sold perfume. I have bought a few purses there and LOVE that store! Thanks!


  5. They are no longer producing this perfume– BIG BUMMER FOR ME! Are there any perfumes you can recommend that are close in scent to this one?


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