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So, it’s time again for a make up palette review. Last time, I reviewed Stila Cosmetics Living the Life in Laguna for you so this time I decided I’d review something from Smashbox Cosmetics. My Smashbox Be Discovered Eye Shadow Palette is one of the products from Smashbox Cosmetics I really like so that’s what I’m sharing today.

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Smashbox Cosmetics | Smashbox Be Discovered

Smashbox Cosmetics | Smashbox Be Discovered

I believe that the Smashbox Be Discovered palette came out in spring of 2012. I bought it a while ago and then forgot about it. It’s an eye shadow palette that contains eight blendable eye shadows. The eye shadow shades in this palette include:

  • Bliss
  • Rosewater
  • Opal
  • Mist
  • Adobe
  • Champagne
  • Pebble
  • Lilac

There is no brush included with this palette or any extras. There is a mirror on the inside lid of the palette. It can still be purchased for about $44 from places like

Smashbox Cosmetics | Smashbox Be Discovered

This is one of my favorite Shmashbox Cosmetics palettes because the shadows are all pastel. I really am not into the neon shadows and most of the jewel tones are too dark for my complexion. Pastels are perfect and finding a palette with all pastels can be a challenge.

I love the way the eight shades included can be layered together. Bliss, Adobe, Champagne and Pebble are all warm browns and can be used as lid, brow and crease colors depending on your complexion. A bit of Pebble worked well for me as a liner too since it’s such a dark brown. Rosewater, Opal, Mist and Lilac can all be worn the same way and were definitely the shadows that I used the most since I’m partial to pink and purple.

All of the colors were very easy to blend together to create a finished look and all of them definitely contained a bit of a shimmer. I noticed the shimmer in the lighter shades a bit more but even in Pebble it’s noticeable. Bliss is a bit more matte and champagne is a bit more metallic.

Overall, this is definitely a palette I enjoy. I forgot about it in the back of my drawer but since I organized all my palettes, I have found it again and have started using it more often.

What do you think of the Smashbox Be Discovered palette?

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  1. I loveeee Smashbox! My favorite lip gloss is from them. This palette looks great- I usually forget about makeup when it’s thrown in a drawer too- move this one to the front-the colors look great!

  2. I love the beautiful warm shades of brown. With blue eyes I have learned that shades like that in a palette my eyes will be well served. I used  Smashbox in the past and just loved the quality.

  3. Okay – I love this palette! I wear a lot of blush pinks, nudes, and neutral colors all year round and this palette really would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe! 44.00 is a little steep for me to justify on cosmetics right now BUT I am adding it to my wishlist if I can find it on Sephora where I wishlist all my makeup even if I do not buy it there haha then will get as soon as I can afford to. Thank you for this post! Very helpful! 

  4. I struggle with darkness around the eyes, so I prefer pastels and more neutral eye shades as well. This is definitely a palette I would get a lot of use from. I especially love the Bliss shade.


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