Best Skincare for Cold and Dry Winters [Pour Moi Skincare]

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Are you wondering about the best skincare for cold and dry winters? Here in Vermont, that’s exactly the type of climate we have. Of course, it only stands to reason that my skin will have different needs from someone will a mild and humid winter. This is especially true for your face because it’s constantly exposed to the elements. I received products for this post. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Best Skincare for Cold and Dry Winters [Pour Moi Skincare]

Skincare for Cold and Dry Winters

As beautiful as your face may be, it is the one part of you that is consistently exposed to environmental changes. Pour Moi Beauty, the first climate-smart skin care line, is here to help you protect and help your skin maintain its natural ability to stay hydrated and produce youthfulness and glow. The eight-piece skincare line, comprised of four day creams, two serums for dry and oily skin and a hydrating balancer, raises the bar on skincare efficacy by leveraging the properties of changing geographical and seasonal climates.

There are four different climate profiles available (Polar, Desert, Temperate, Tropical). I chose the Polar Day Cream:

Think: Happy Face in Aspen.
For: Cold and Dry winters.; low temperature and humidity
Environment: frost, high wind, man-made heat

The Polar Day Cream contains Squalane Oil and Shea Butter to form a barrier against harsh winds and frost and to seal in moisture. It also helps prevent redness and irritation often caused by overheated rooms. Peptides and botanicals, including White Truffle, address the signs of aging—fine lines, wrinkles, and dull skin—improving the skin’s surface with their rich anti-aging properties.

My thoughts:

I love the idea that each profile includes specific hydrators and botanicals depending on the climate. The Day Creams are different depending on each climate. But there is also a Night Cream, Black and White Serums, and a Hydrating Balancer that you can use along with your specific Day Cream. And, as the weather changes – from winter to summer – you can change your Day Cream. So, while I would need the Polar Day Cream in the winter, the Temperate Day Cream would work well for me in the warmer months.

I found these to be very gentle on my skin and left my skin feeling very soft and refreshed after using them. I didn’t really notice a scent to the products which is perfect because it won’t clash with my body products or perfume.

All of their products have a 90 day money back guarantee and can be purchased directly from them. Visit Pour Moi Skincare.

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  1. amy guillaume linderman says

    i work outside and get really dry skin in the cold winters….great article! thanks for the tips

  2. those look good and i could use soem thing that would help with dry skin