Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Femme

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There is just something about fine Italian perfumes that has my interest from the beginning. Salvatore Ferragamo is just one of those luxury designers I wanted to learn more about. When I first came across Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Femme, I couldn’t help but be attracted by the bold red Salvatore Ferragamo signed across the front of the cream colored box. To me, the coloring brings to mind a confident woman who can carry off this classic fragrance. The tall, elegantly twisted glass bottle lends to the feel of assertiveness and confidence. This perfume is perfectly suited to a woman who can command attention of those she’s with and feel comfortable once she receives it.

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  1. Is it a bold scent as well?

  2. Hi Farrah – Definitely!

  3. Ferragamo? Hmmm.. I will have to check it out! Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. I like the sleek design of the bottle. It’s classy.

  5. says

    The bottle is so very attractive and chic. Nice choice!

  6. thanks for sharing this, must look into it.

  7. V.R. Leavitt says

    I’m not much for perfume as I don’t have a sense of smell, but a friend of mine would just love this. I’ll pass it along.